Recommended reading: 'Mobile Collaboration for Dummies'

E-book offers advice for mobile UC&C, cost management, and security options

Incorporating mobility into your Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) strategy and deployment is critical for most businesses. Most employees have a mobile device, and many employers have support a BYOD (bring your own device) program. UC&C support for mobility offers many benefits that include cost savings, better customer support, and improved collaboration. 

However, mobility is also fraught with risks, including security concerns and the opportunity for significant cost overruns. Having a comprehensive plan specific to mobile collaboration is important to any organization that supports UC&C. To make UC&C work well with mobile devices, business communications platform should help workers collaborate effectively, tame the costs of mobile phones and devices, and offer appropriate security to protect the company’s information and reputation.

As a starting point to mobile collaboration, or as a way to validate your existing plans, we recommend an e-book titled “Mobile Collaboration for Dummies.” This comprehensive coverage includes analysis and advice on:

  • recognizing what drives mobility in today’s business environment and understanding stakeholders’ challenges in meeting their business needs
  • getting a handle on the risks and challenges enterprise mobility poses
  • looking at collaboration transformation
  • calculating and reducing the costs of mobility
  • 10 ways mobility will move your business forward.

This edition of the e-book was sponsored by Avaya, and while it does include limited solution-specific advice from the sponsor, most of the content is helpful in assessing and planning mobile collaboration with any supplier’s UC&C platform. To access the book, please click on the “Mobility for Dummies” link found here; the e-book is hosted at Webtorials. (Disclaimer: Avaya is a Webtorials sponsor.) 

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