Alleged iWatch schematics show round watchface, 4 colors and 2 sizes

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We're just one day away from Apple's highly anticipated iWatch unveiling and, believe it or not, no one has an inkling as to what the device looks like. As opposed to new iPhone models where parts are seemingly leaked on the regular, Apple has managed to keep the iWatch hidden from prying eyes.


Earlier today, a Reddit user uploaded photos purporting to show design schematics of Apple's long rumored iWatch. The photos were subsequently uploaded to Imgur. The photos themselves seemingly originated from Quanta, a manufacturing partner long rumored to be involved in the iWatch production process.

Here are a few of the shots, which of course should be taken with a grain of salt, which purport to show an iWatch with a circular design. Note, though, that one enterprising Googler discovered that the layout of the schematics below does match Quanta's usual formatting.

Also, the Redditor responsible for these photos added the following tidbits of information:

Will have a mic, speaker and Siri. The flexible multi-touch screen will add a new dimension to the UI. There won’t be any lightning connector or other ports. battery will last over a day. waterproof to about 20m. 8 models will be announced - 4 ‘colors’ 2 sizes. Timeline not yet finalized. Mass production is scheduled to start in January. This is the most complex and expensive product to manufacture to date.

Given this news, not to mention Apple's Jony Ive reportedly saying that Swiss watchmakers are in trouble, I for one am exceedingly excited for tomorrow's big announcements. In any event, here are a few of the leaked schematics. The full series can be viewed at the Imgur link above.    

The photo above is reportedly the main housing area.

Now, one of the key aspects to keep an eye out for will be battery life. Recall that The Information last week published a report claiming that battery life on the iWatch will be disappointing. The report above claims it will last at least a day, which is without question a necessity given that folks won't be inclined to take on and take off their watch every night to give it a charge.

In any event, all questions will finally be answered come tomorrow morning when Tim Cook and other Apple executives take the stage at the Flint Convention Center. The keynote kicks off at 10 AM Pacific Time so get ready!

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