Those are the breaks: Excuse any typos please

Bring on the voice recognition software...

Broken pinky
Credit: Bob Brown, Network World
Broken pinky Bob Brown, Network World

Excuse any typos from me over the next few weeks: Just got a splint put on my broken right pinky (distal phalanx to be more precise) and I need to keep it only for probably 6 weeks.

Yes, that's what I get for actually trying to play defense during a pick-up basketball game.

As the expert splint maker at the doctor's office cut, melted and shaped black plastic around me I asked her if a 3D printer might be found in the office before long. She didn't know about that, but said one patient used such a printer to attach a fan and iPhone holder into his arm cast recently. (ALSO SEE: 3D Printing and Healthcare)

Meanwhile, not long after I got back to my office I received a press release with the headline: "Importance of Typing Emerges as Common Core Standards are Spotlighted."


My appreciation of typing smoothly will be sure to grow in coming weeks, as I struggle to tap the Return key on my Mac keyboard. 

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