New products of the week 09.15.14

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Lenovo and Good Technology

products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

High-Amp Metered, Switched PDU with Alarm Functions

Product name: High-Amp Metered, Switched PDU with Alarm Functions

Key features: High-Amp Switched PDU with dual 240V AC power inlets, C19 outlets and current metering capabilities. Available in 30 and 32 Amp models.  Includes monitoring, alarm notification and event logging features. More info.

Standalone USB 3.0/eSATA Drive Duplicator Dock

Product name: Standalone USB 3.0/eSATA Drive Duplicator Dock

Key features: Offers the fastest sector-by-sector drive cloning available, at up to 22 GB per minute. The Duplicator supports both 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch SATA drives, and can also be used as a high-speed drive dock when connected to a laptop or desktop computer through either USB 3.0 or eSATA. More info.

Mobile Cost of Ownership (MCO) Analyzer

Product name: Mobile Cost of Ownership (MCO) Analyzer

Key features: The MCO Analyzer is a free tool that addresses device, carrier and labor infrastructure costs to help enterprises understand the total of mobile investments to help reduce costs. More info.


OX Guard

Product name: OX Guard

Key features: As a fully-integrated email security tool, OX Guard enables users to easily send, read, store and share encrypted messages with anyone for complete transparency and protection amid organizations’ growing data privacy and security concerns. More info.

PaaSLane 2.5

Product name: PaaSLane 2.5

Key features: Major capabilities added to enable application developers to assess/optimize source-code for cloud readiness/modernization more quickly, easily & efficiently – including: Local Profiling, Google Cloud Platform Support, CI Integration & Enhanced .NET Profiling. More info.

MOVEit 8.1

Product name: MOVEit 8.1

Key features: Ipswitch’s MOVEit 8.1 managed file transfer system provides IT administrators with enhanced enterprise security, compliance and automation of file-based processes through integration with pre-existing IT infrastructures. More info.

Product Name: SQL Layer

Key features: The FoundationDB SQL Layer is a SQL engine that runs on top of the FoundationDB Key-Value Store. It inherits all of the properties of the FoundationDB Key Value store including high performance, multi-node scalability, availability, and fault tolerance.

Price: available open source on Github, or free to download & use in production up to 6 server processes at

SQL Layer is open source and free to use. It stores its data in FoundationDB's Key-Value Store, however. The Key-Value Store is free for non-production use, and can even be used on up to 6 server processes in production for free. For production clusters of the Key-Value Store greater than 6 server processes, it is $99-$199 per process per month (depending on support level). More info.

SMS PASSCODE Password Reset Module

Product Name – SMS PASSCODE Password Reset Module

Key features – Sends the user an SMS prior to password expiration that links to the password reset self-service site, incorporating the user’s location to adjust the level of authentication needed. More info.

ThinkServer RD550

Product Name: ThinkServer RD550

Key Feature: Uniquely designed chassis delivers 2U capacity in a 1U form factor, accommodating up to 12 drive bays and up to 26.4TB of internal storage. More info.

ThinkServer RD650

Product Name: ThinkServer RD650

Key Feature: Lenovo AnyBay design, an industry first, allows for multiple storage types in the same drive bay, ranging from SAS and SATA HDDs to front-accessible PCIe SSDs. More info.

ThinkServer TD350

Product Name: ThinkServer TD350

Key Feature: ASHRAE A4 certified to allow continuous operability at 45 degrees Celsius/113 degrees Fahrenheit with no impact on reliability. More info.

Piston OpenStack 3.5

Product name: Piston OpenStack 3.5

Key features: Piston OpenStack software automates the orchestration of an entire private cloud environment on x86 servers. 3.5 feature highlights include support for most OpenStack Icehouse APIs and integration with Intel TXT. More info.

EventTracker 7.6

Product name: EventTracker 7.6

Key features:  includes a smart search capability that allows enterprises to extract operational and security intelligence from machine data generated by devices in the network (Internet of Things). More info.

Mirantis OpenStack Express 2.0

Product name: Mirantis OpenStack Express 2.0

Key features: The on-demand offering enables enterprises to deploy the most current OpenStack edition, OpenStack Icehouse, in a robust, easy-to-use, enterprise-grade cloud service. More info.

OfficeSuite Dental

Product name: OfficeSuite Dental

Key features: The system works with the OfficeSuite Phone System. New features add enhanced Smart Search, click-to-call capabilities and journal functionality to the popular Dentrix G5 Connected system. More info.

Universal SSH Key Manager v1.3.3

Product Name – Universal SSH Key Manager v1.3.3

Key features – Provides visibility, monitoring and management of key-based trust relationships across the SSH environment. Version 1.3.3 adds support for ECC keys as well as Centrify SSH and Ubuntu Linux. More info.