Browser test redux: New tests yield the same results

There was a flaw in my original tests, but in the end, it comes out the same.

Firefox billboard

After my blog on Pale Moon failing to be a faster Firefox, I came across a Reddit discussion where people questioned if I had some add-ons/extensions that might pooch the results.

Facepalm moment. It turns out I did. I left Ad Blocker Plus and TinEye running on both. So I went through and disabled every extension and add-on and reran the tests. The outcome didn't change. Firefox is still faster than Pale Moon almost across the board. What's really interesting is how much these extensions impact the browser.

Let's start with Firefox, before and after.

091214 chart1

As you can see, a few ran faster, and two ran markedly slower. I ran those twice and got the same result. Now for Pale Moon

091214 chart2

In this case, the add-ons (most likely Ad Blocker Plus) really impacted performance. In the end, though, Firefox still wins.

091214 chart3

So I stand by what I said earlier. Pale Moon is still not a faster Firefox, despite its claims. I did notice that it had better and more thorough gains, which may have been due to a privacy extension called Ghostery that I do not use on Firefox. Whatever the reason, Firefox is still faster.

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