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Dave Winer, he of RSS fame and a blogger since the beginning of time, has issued a plea to Twitter this morning that makes so much sense it should be reality by this afternoon. His headline: “It wouldn’t kill Twitter to do text.”

And because it helps illustrate his point, here is Winer’s post in full:

Twitter supports beautiful pictures and video. Each tweet comes with a huge amount of metadata. Would it spoil the magic of Twitter to accept a couple of paragraphs of text along with a tweet the same way it works for pictures and videos? Nicely tucked away, until the reader clicks on it. The same way a link works, but without the need for a new tab.

It's such a simple and much-needed feature, if we want to create a network of peers, so that Twitter can stand alongside Facebook and the open web as places writers can post their ideas. This is a short post (the one you're reading right now). It wouldn't hurt anything if it were on Twitter in addition to being on my blog.

Dick Costolo, let me buy you a cup of coffee sometime. Let's talk about this. It's important for the health of the web, and honestly important for your company too.

It’s time to loosen the tyranny of Twitter’s 140-character limit. I cannot tell you how many times I have started to compose a thought to share on Twitter and then decided it simply could not be done. If this happens to me, I am certain it happens to the Twitter community’s great thinkers as well.

Winer’s post is 157 words, a number that’s darn close to 140, so how about Twitter do text and limit this wonderful new feature to 140 words. Hidden until the recipient clicks, just like Winer suggests. It wouldn’t kill Twitter.

Spread the word. #TwitterShouldDoText.

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