New products of the week 09.22.2014

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Watchguard and Airwatch

Products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

AirWatch Chat

Product name: AirWatch Chat

Pricing: $20 Perpetual License per Device; $4 Annual Maintenance (20%); $12 Annual Subscription Fee per Device, Includes Standard Hosting Fee

Key features: is a containerized, secure instant messaging application for iOS and Android. It integrates with existing directory resources for simple, protected messaging across organizations with an intuitive user experience. More info.

SeaMicro SM15000 TurnKey OpenStack Solution

Product name: SeaMicro SM15000 TurnKey OpenStack Solution  

Key features: The solution removes the complexity and delivers an OpenStack private cloud that can be deployed in a matter of hours compared to days. Now smaller companies without large IT staffs can leverage OpenStack to create private clouds. More info.

Product name:

Key features: Speaktoit's new is a natural language understanding API that lets developers voice-enable any app or Internet of Things device. It allows for complete customization of any dialog scenario. More info.

Riak Enterprise 2.0

Product name: Riak Enterprise 2.0

Key features: includes additional data types to simplify application development, integrates Apache Solr search, and adds major enhancements to security and configuration management, improving overall efficiency. More info.

CyberArk Privileged Threat Analytics 2.0

Product name: CyberArk Privileged Threat Analytics

Key features: is an expert system for privileged account security intelligence, providing targeted, immediately actionable threat alerts by identifying previously undetectable malicious privileged user and account activity. More info.

Product name: DropTask

Key features:  Visual task management application DropTask, is rolling out a new user interface complete with improved prioritization features optimized for productivity and effective workflow management.

With a complete redesign in the way that users can navigate between projects and manage tasks on a day to day basis, DropTask’s new look boasts a clean and intuitive workspace aimed at helping individuals and teams work collaboratively with ease. More info.

Keynote Mobile Testing

Product name: Keynote Mobile Testing

Key features: now supports testing wearable devices. Developers and quality assurance teams have the ability to ensure apps on real Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch devices function and perform. More info.


Prodduct name: MM4

Key features: MM4 is a comprehensive SaaS-based eSourcing solution that supports the entire sourcing lifecycle. It combines four key elements: MarketMaking (supplier and event management support), a state-of-the-art eSourcing Suite, integrated Company Intelligence (to aid supplier discovery/profiling) and relevant Market Insight (commodity tracking to calibrate expectations and appropriate timing). More info.

MyScript Stack

Product name: MyScript Stack

Key features: enables iOS 8 users to ditch their QWERTY keyboards and use handwriting on their touchscreen instead, by allowing superimposed input (known as overwriting) in a single character interface. More info.

NCP Secure Enterprise Client for Android version 2.33

Product name: NCP Secure Enterprise Client for Android version 2.33

Key features: NCP engineering’scentrally managed VPN client for Android, compatible with Android 4.0+, provides quick, easy and secure remote access to corporate networks. The latest update includes a revamped interface and streamlined configuration. More info.

PagerDuty Advanced Analytics

Product name: PagerDuty Advanced Analytics

Key features: PagerDuty is an operations performance management solution that helps businesses improve system reliability. PagerDuty connects all your people, systems and data to increase global operations visibility and decrease resolution time by streamlining the incident resolution lifecycle. More info.


Product name: qool

Key features: Create your own structure-free and rich canvases and get them real-time synchronized between multiple users in your Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices. Work in team or on your own, create notes, documents, pictures and videos for expressing your ideas, thoughts, projects or processes. More info.

Scalr 5.0

Product name: Scalr 5.0

Key features: Scalr Cost Analytics, Global Orchestration, Webhooks for outbound notification to external systems, and suspend/resume enables developers to release compute resources  not in use without losing work. Autoscaling now supports suspend/resume. More info.


Product name: XRE-1000

Key features: Provides real-time analytics and insight at 2Gbps by processing information on all data from L2 through L7, offering consolidated views of the entire network and allowing users to report and act on the data instantly. More info.

WatchGuard Dimension Policy Map

Product name: WatchGuard Dimension Policy Map

Key features: delivers X-ray vision for firewall policies so you can see the entire picture of network security policies in action. More info.

WaveMaker Enterprise

Product name – WaveMaker Enterprise

Key features – is licensed software delivered on a Docker container-architected application PaaS (aPaaS) that helps organizations foster agility and innovation by enabling instant, end-to-end custom web app creation and management on their private infrastructures. More info.

High Amp DC Switched PDU with Alarm and Log Functions

Product name: High Amp DC Switched PDU with Alarm and Log Functions

Key features: Secure reboot solution for remote, high-amp DC powered devices. Available in 12V, 24V and 48V DC models. Includes event alarms, environmental alarms, logging functions and enterprise management software. More info.

Shippable 2.0

Product name: Shippable 2.0

Key features: includes on-demand, containerized dev/test environments, a continuous delivery pipeline for application containers, and versioning of application containers with a one-click upgrade or rollback. More info.