Web developer has a dirty little secret

I could say that a co-worker pointed me to this one – and in this case that would be true – but the fact is that I quite often read Dear Prudence on Slate. Not very often, however, does the advice column have an IT angle.

Dear Prudence,

I am a freelance Web developer who was almost bankrupted by the economic collapse. A few years ago a client referred me to a friend who needed some search engine optimization. The friend operates an adult website. Adult websites make a lot of money but have trouble finding honest, competent help. One job turned into another, and working with adult websites has become a thriving business for me. My problem is that nobody knows I do this. My wife thinks that I design websites for local companies.

Yada-yada-yada, the guy’s dilemma is that he’s gone from rags to riches working this porn gig and he fears he’ll have to go back to rags if he tells his wife the truth.

Prudie’s advice sort of wanders about, but the bottom line is that she thinks the truth will set our Web developer free, even if it winds up costing him his golden goose. And then she adds this nugget:

“Your letter has just done a great service for struggling freelance Web developers everywhere -- expect your competition to heat up.”

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