Video: How malware harms systems

How do backdoor/remote access Trojans, Infostealers, spambots, downloaders and adware/spyware create trouble for computer systems?

Building on our previous video about threat taxonomies, today we will discuss in greater depth how we describe and categorize threats by the kinds of harm that they can cause.

Hacking has become big business, and today’s threats have evolved to serve their purpose – by acquiring financial or other valuable information from their targets to put money in the pockets of attackers.

Threats can harm their targets in a number of ways:

  • Backdoor/Remote Access Trojan – Allows attackers to gain access to a system from a remote location.
  • Infostealer – Attackers are able to steal information such as passwords or files containing sensitive information.
  • Spam – Uses compromised systems to send spam emails to others.
  • Downloader – This malware acts as a beachhead onto a system is often seen in multi-stage attacks.
  • Adware/Spyware – Designed to serve ads (adware) or record what a user is doing (spyware) on a system. This software is commonly, although not always, used with malicious intent.

In this video we dive deeper into how we categorize popular threat types based on the harm they cause.

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