Dorothy Gale on recent spate of data breaches

101414blog lions and tigers and bears

The email pitch hits my inbox carrying this subject line: “Snapchat, and Kmart, and Chase…Oh My!”

On the one hand, cringe-worthy.

On the other hand, I had absolutely no trouble understanding the message that the public relations firm was trying to convey: These are scary times out there on the Yellow Brick Information Superhighway. (And then, by the way, I got to learn that the yellow brick road has its own Wikipedia page, as does information superhighway.)

The movie was made in 1939 and, yes, there was a lot of publicity earlier this year surrounding its 75th anniversary, but I haven’t even had to mention its name for the same reason that email subject line didn’t need to be explained: We’ve all seen it, many of us many, many, many times.

But just in case you’re an outlier, here’s the “lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” scene via YouTube:

As cultural touchstones go, very few have been more enduring than “The Wizard of Oz.”

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