A Halloween warning for air travelers

101514blog grenades
Credit: TSA

I read this from a TSA blog post and ask myself: Really? People really need to be told this stuff?

If you plan on traveling with your costume this year, keep in mind that realistic replica items and props such as guns, scythes, pitch forks, chainsaws, butcher knives, grenades, axes, bombs, swords, machetes, and other realistic weapons are prohibited from being transported in your carry-on bags.

Most replica weapons can be transported in your checked baggage, but it’s never OK to pack anything that looks like (to include but not limited to) explosives such as grenades, land mines, rocket launchers, shells and bombs. Even if it’s a replica, anything resembling an explosive is treated as the real deal until the explosives experts can prove otherwise, which often leads to delayed flights or baggage.

And then I look at the accompanying picture, above, and remember all the other TSA blog posts about all the other weapons passengers try to bring on board.

Yes, people really need to be told this stuff.

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