Tough times for iPhone users: Apple Pay double-charges, iOS 8.1 upgrades fail

Bugs are expected, but this week Apple saw a swarm of them.

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The past week has been pretty tough for Apple and its users. The new iPads were met with indifference, the much-lauded Apple Pay made a shaky debut, and iOS 8.1 is proving to be a troublesome rollout.

Apple Pay, the cashless payment system that uses your phone instead of cash or credit cards, rolled out on October 20 and it's been double charging people like crazy. CNN's tech reporter Samuel Burke experienced the issue and got a story out of it, telling viewers that he was charged twice for every Apple Pay purchase he made with his Bank of America debit card.

Not surprisingly, both BofA and Apple passed the buck, saying it was the other guy's problem. Burke got both BofA and Apple support on the phone at the same time and they worked it out. But he noted many more reports of similar problems on Twitter, with most complaints coming from people with Bank of America cards.

Burke said Bank of America claims that the issue is with Apple Pay and not the bank. An Apple spokesperson told Bloomberg they are aware of "a Bank of America issue impacting a very small number of Apple Pay users," and promising that the company is working on a fix.

Then there's iOS 8.1, which was supposed to fix 8.0 problems like battery drain. Well, users are finding 8.1 to be just as big a pain in the rear as 8.0. The problem appears to be with the install, judging by the complaints on the official Apple boards.

I had my own install issues as well. My iPad 3 did its own download and update without needing iTunes, but the iPhone 6 just wasn't having it. I would select the update from within the phone's control panel and accept the terms of the license, but the download never started. The phone just hung. When I attached the phone to my PC and then ran the update via iTunes, it worked perfectly.

Since then, my phone has been well-behaved. Others aren't so lucky. iPhone 5 users seem especially hard hit, with reports of random reboots after installing iOS 8.1, along with trouble connecting to Wi-Fi and using iMessage. IPhone 4S users are also having problems. Over on Reddit, people report they can't drop mail in the Trash container.

Despite these problems, iOS 8.1 does fix a lot of lingering issues from 8.0. It's just that Apple introduced a bunch of new bugs. This will undoubtedly be addressed soon, but I have to say, it sure has been getting bumpy for Apple lately.

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