Why my stance on Google Glass is dumb

I'm a Google Glass bigot, but I'm trying to come around.

google glass
Credit: Google Play

I make no sense.

Gadgets? Love 'em. All of 'em. Just about any type of gadget you can dream up is, in my opinion, radical.

But not Google Glass. For some utterly unexplainable reason I have been staunchly anti-Glass. I had the opportunity to pick one up early on and I outright refused. And you know what's crazy? That $1,500 price tag wasn't even the reason I became anti-Glass (though $1,500... let's be honest... that's a tough pill to swallow). Nope, it was just my own personal bias. Oh, hell, let's call it what it is – my anti-Glass bigotry.

The basis for me putting Glass in a corner? I have no idea. It certainly isn't based on anything rational.

For comparison purposes, let's look at Android Wear. I love it. The idea of having a powerful, Dick Tracy-esque wristwatch makes the nerdy child inside me do a nerdy little happy dance. What would I use it for? I haven't the foggiest. I, quite literally, don't have the slightest clue of what practical function I would actually want an Android watch for. And based on my past track record of wearing watches, I'd probably lose it by the end of the first week.

And, yet, I consider Android-powered watches to be brilliant. Nay. More than that. Important.

My irrational hatred of Glass gets even more ridiculous when we factor in my desire to have a shoe phone. That's right. The Get Smart Shoe Phone is, in my (astronomically humble) opinion, a milestone in gadgetry brilliance. If HTC released one of those bad mama jamas I'd wait in line to get one. Overnight. In the snow.

The more I think of all the various types of gadgets, Google or otherwise, I'd go gaga over... the more my anti-Glass stance falls to the gutter. I even owned one of the first-generation Looxcie's – which are basically video cameras that clip on to your ear like a blue-tooth headset. You know... pretty much just the camera part of Glass without any other functionality. And I loved it.

Part of me is wondering if I simply chose Google Glass, arbitrarily, to be the one device I would not like. Almost as if I have taken the world of nerdy gadgets and turned it into a comic book that needed a super-villain. Perhaps Glass is the Doc Ock of my gadget-based, imaginary world. My arch-nemesis.

Ok. Thinking of Google Glass as Doc Ock sounds hardcore. Now I need to get me some Glass.

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