Apple Watch will need to be charged daily, Tim Cook confirms

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There's still much we don't know about Apple's highly anticipated Apple Watch. First and foremost, we don't know when the device will launch, aside from a somewhat vague window of "early 2015." What's more, we have no idea how Apple plans to price its impressive lineup of Apple Watch devices.

When Apple typically introduces a new product, it loves talking details. The Apple Watch, though, was rather light on the details. Indeed, one data point Apple neglected to mention was what type of battery life users can expect to see with the Apple Watch. And for a company that loves boasting about best-in-class battery life across its range of mobile products, the omission certainly raised a few eyebrows.

At the time, most people assumed that Apple didn't reveal an official battery life metric because it was still working to improve it before launch. Now, about two months later, we have somewhat of an official announcement on the matter from none other than company CEO Tim Cook.

Speaking at the  WSJD Live event earlier this week, Tim Cook confirmed that the Apple Watch will require daily charging.

"You're going to wind up charging it daily," Cook said.

While most folks were hoping for more, there's only so much the constraints of science will allow on such a small device. Cook, of course, tried to spin it as a positive, noting that users will likely charge it daily because they'll be using it so frequently during the day.

One can only hope that a daily charging regiment implies a substantive battery life of at least 16 hours - use all day, then recharge at night.

In the weeks preceding the Apple Watch unveiling, there were a number of rumors indicating that Apple was aiming to have the device last for about three to four days on a single charge. Unfortunately, if such battery life is possible, we'll have to wait for future iterations of the Apple Watch to enjoy multi-day use.

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