Ohio State University takes geeky marching band performances to next level

They Came From Outer Space medley gets downright spacey

The bar for The Ohio State University marching band was already high, but the young musicians outdid themselves on Nov. 1 at halftime of the Ohio State-Illinois football game with this ode to spacey entertainment from Star Trek to 2001: A Space Odyssey to Apollo 13.

College marching bands do have a long history of geeking it up at halftime. Two more examples:

*The Stanford University band paid homage to Snapchat, by forming its ghostly logo on the field during the Rose Bowl to kick off 2014. The photo-sharing app company was started by a pair of Stanford alums.

*The University of California band, during a game vs. Stanford, performed a big-time tribute to video games, including Pokemon and Tetris.

Are we missing any other really good ones?

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