‘It was exactly like a death’ … (Gulp)

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Oddly enough, this line from a blog post made me laugh out loud just now:

“It was exactly like a death; like someone I knew and loved was in excellent health one day and stone dead the next.”

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How could I be so insensitive as to find amusement in such anguish?

Well, “exactly like a death” in this instance refers to the fact that 10 Barrel Brewing Co. of Bend, Ore., has been bought by Anheuser-Busch.

The blog post about that business deal was brought to my attention by Tim Akimoff, director of digital at WBEZ Chicago, who tweeted: “The craft beer world comes unhinged, again.”

And that unhinging deserves a fuller read, in which you will learn immediately that a mega-brewery buying a small brewery is more than “exactly like a death.” From the blog post:

It was like a punch in the face, today…

I was out all day and away from the computer. I sat down and clicked onto Facebook and scrolled down a half page or so and caught a whiff: “Stunned by the news about 10 Barrel sold to AB…“


More scrolling and confirmation: “Haters gonna hate, Tonya Cornett. Congrats on getting the chance to take that berliner global (not to mention the others).” It got worse just that fast. One of my all-time favorite brewers, Tonya Cornett, is now one of the pawns in this sordid tale. If AB had come to me and asked, they couldn’t have found a person about whom I would be more grief-stricken to see absorbed by the Beer-Borg Collective. Jimmy Seifrit, former brewmaster under Larry Sidor at my beloved Deschutes was also involved. It was exactly like a death; like someone I knew and loved was in excellent health one day and stone dead the next.

I continued to click across the internet, hoping that someone would have posted a snopes.com link, saying that it was all a hoax. But it’s not. One of the new and healthy pillars of the Northwest brewing community became dead to all who call themselves craft beer fans. Disbelief turned to grief…which then became anger…

Despite a promise to “make this short and unsweet,” our bereaved and angry brewmaster rages on for another 1,000 words, before, one would assume, slumping over his keyboard for a cathartic cry.

Name of the blog: The Pour Fool.

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