Tesla Model X will feature dual-motor system and ability to tow

tesla model x doors

During its most recent earnings conference call, Tesla disclosed that the highly anticipated Model X would be delayed until the third quarter of 2015. Yesterday, Tesla emailed Model X reservation holders and informed them that the wait will be worth it. 

For starters, the email relays that the Model X, which is based on the Model S platform, will feature the dual-motor system Elon Musk unveiled for the Model S just a few weeks ago. What's more, the email says that the Model X will be powerful enough to tow other vehicles.

The email in its entirety reads as follows:

Dear Model X reservation holders,

Thank you for your continued patience in the Model X reservation process. We are making steady progress towards delivering a phenomenal car that defies comparison.

With Model S, we made a point of delivering a product that was even better than the show car, and we are extending that philosophy to Model X. In fact, every element of Model X – from the interior to the falcon wing doors – either lives up to or surpasses the prototype we initially unveiled.

In October, we announced dual motor all-wheel drive and Autopilot. These were important leaps forward for Model S, but we’re pleased to confirm that they will also be central to Model X. The dual motor propulsion system of Model S 85D will be the same system that powers Model X, delivering uncompromised range and control of traction. But this is not simply a scaled-up Model S – every detail of this car has been optimized for the unique mission of Model X.

Model X demand has been intense and orders are continuing to come in at a rapid rate. We’ll be spending much of 2015 building and testing production-intent prototypes before delivering the first cars to customers in North America in the third quarter. While we’ll be working through all orders as fast as possible, anyone ordering the car today should not expect delivery until well into 2016.

In the meantime, we are building beta vehicles in the factory right now, and we’ll be using them for crash testing in the near future. We’ve tested the car’s aerodynamic qualities in the wind tunnel and have achieved an unprecedented level of aerodynamic efficiency for any car of this size and carrying capacity, allowing us to maximize range potential.

We can also reveal that Model X will be the first electric vehicle with towing capability. The optional tow hitch will support accessories and racks to transport skis and bikes with the minimum effect on aerodynamics. We're also working with the best rack and accessory companies in the world to have elegant carrying solutions ready for Model X customers next year.

Thank you once again for your continued support and confidence. You are helping to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport, and you will love your Model X.

Tesla Motors

Tesla of course has a history of delayed releases, first with the Roadster and next with the Model S. The company's saving grace, however, is that when Tesla finally gets around to releasing a new car, the reality blows expectations out of the water. That said, it stands to reason that Tesla and Musk's boastful predictions about the Model X being exceedingly great will live up to the hype. Impressively, the Model X already has amassed over 20,000 pre-orders, quite a feat for a company that literally engages in zero advertising.

As a final point of interest, note that anyone ordering a Model X today will not receive it until 2016 on account of the backlog of pre-orders.

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