Sites that don't like Chrome for no obvious reason

Wells Fargo support told me to use Firefox but won't (or can't) explain why Chrome doesn't work

google chrome
Credit: Google

I’ve become hooked on Google’s Chrome browser. It’s got so much going for it that once you’ve used it for a while it’s hard to let go … except when certain sites don’t seem to work with it. I find this extraordinary and the site that annoys me most when it comes to not working properly with Chrome is Wells Fargo.

For some reason that isn’t clear, if you’re using Chrome in the Bill Pay section and you add or update payments then when you hit “Submit” you sometimes (perhaps one time in five) get to just sit there until your browser times out. I don’t have any plugins that might be the source of the problem and I know this because the issue doesn’t appear every time.  I now have to use Firefox when I’m interacting with my bank. When I asked Wells Fargo tech support why Chrome didn’t work reliably I got some vague hand waving and the advice that I should use Firefox!

This issue isn’t something new and I can’t be the only person who has been annoyed by this but apparently Wells Fargo can’t be bothered to fix whatever the problem is. Not supporting Chrome has to be one of the most ridiculous commercial decisions I’ve come across in the e-commerce world but apparently Wells Fargo is OK with it.

I’m curious to know which Web sites have problems with specific browsers and I haven’t been able find a list anywhere. Which sites do your browsers have problems with?


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