New products of the week 12.15.2014

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as CA and VMware


New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.


Key feautres: Run your own, branded file sharing, sync and mobile access solution on top of AWS. Secure Endpoint Backup and Data Leak Prevention across all your users devices. More info.

StorageX 7.5

Key features: StorageX 7.5 enables intelligent management of storage across heterogeneous platforms through single management interface for hybrid/cloud infrastructures. Centralizes Microsoft DFS Namespace management of unstructured data allowing seamless data migration and consolidation. More info.

121514potw unitrends

Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB) 8.0

Key features: Major upgrade of Unitrends’ virtual backup and recovery appliance, delivering new support for Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) and significantly expanded support for the Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor. More info.

121514potw dincloud

webHVD Android App

Key features: dinCloud’s HTML5-based hosted virtual desktop is available on Android devices via a free downloadable app from Google Play. Supported devices include Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy phones/tablets, and more. More info.

121514potw startech

Thunderbolt 2 Laptop Docking Station

Key features: Enables mobile professionals to instantly connect their laptop to all of their essential peripherals, including a 4K Ultra HD DisplayPort or HDMI display. The new docking station harnesses the immense throughput capability of a single Thunderbolt 2 laptop connection (20 Gbps) to deliver 4K Ultra HD video support, as well as innovative features including SPDIF optical audio output and mobile device fast-charging capability, including dedicated charging without a connection to host laptop. More info.

121514potw wti

Expandable Modular Data Fallback Switch

Key features: A/B Fallback switching for up to 16 Ethernet 10/100/1000, T1/E1 and RS-232/422/485 data lines. Circuit modules can be added as needed. Includes alarm and logging functions, plus enterprise management software. More info.

121514potw bitrix


Pricing: Free Plan for up to 12 users, Standard Plan for $99 per month and Professional Plan for $199 per month

Key features: Leading the array of new Bitrix24 product upgrades are an enhanced mobile app for both Android and iOS users, an improved Activity Stream and a new CRM social collaboration platform. More info.

121514potw clearstory

ClearStory Data Interactive and Collaborative StoryBoards

Key features: ClearStory’s Interactive, Collaborative StoryBoards presents insights like scenes in a movie. It gives line of business users direct access to living insights where all key stakeholders can collaborate on observations. Every scene or ‘living analysis’ contains interactive narratives so observations are explained in context. The intuitive experience speeds consumption of insights and therefore speeds action. More info.

121514potw lastline

Lastline Breach Detection Platform

Key features: The software-based Lastline Breach Detection Platform provides protection across Web, email and mobile with next-generation sandboxing, threat intelligence and breach event correlation. New features include support for OS X and unlimited 10Gbps sensor interfaces included at no additional cost. More info.

121514potw ventev

Ventev Freezer Room Wi-Fi Enclosure System

Key features: Heated enclosure extends Wi-Fi/WLAN connectivity in freezers and cold storage. PoE cable powers both the access point and heater. NEMA 4X-rated, waterproof 12”x10”x 6” polycarbonate enclosure includes surge protectors. Integrated antenna. More info.         

121514potw ca

CA Application Performance Management

Key features: CA APM’s new and enhanced capabilities include Smart Instrumentation, APM Command Center, support for PHP applications, and product integrations to help customers use CA APM as a catalyst for DevOps. More info.

121514potw fullcircle

Opportunity Gatekeeper

Key features: The Opportunity Gatekeeper application helps marketers enforce best-practice opportunity creation rules, links all opportunities to creators, fills in marketing data gaps, and provides more complete metrics and accurate information for marketing and sales. Built on the Salesforce1 Platform, Opportunity Gatekeeper enables more efficient, effective operations by tying each opportunity to an account and enabling pre-population of opportunity fields directly from the account or contact database. More info.

121514potw bonitasoft

Bonita BPM 6.4

Key features – Bonita BPM 6.4 is an advanced software suite, with new features including AngularJS support, application page templating, and deep APIs to create highly customized, efficient business process-based web applications. More info.

121514potw xmatters

xMatters On-Demand

Pricing: begins at $16/user per month with the IT Management - Starter; $50/user per month for the IT Management - Base; $60/user per month for IT Management - Advanced

Key features:  The xMatters On-Demand cloud platform enables efficient two-way enterprise-wide intelligent communications and alerting. The new release boasts significantly enhanced collaboration features, a cloud-to-enterprise hybrid integration agent, enhancements to executive and employee messaging and more. More info.

121514potw solarwinds

SolarWinds Web Help Desk and DameWare Remote Support

Pricing: SolarWinds Web Help Desk starts at $695 and SolarWinds User Device Tracker starts at $395.

Key features: SolarWinds Web Help Desk and DameWare Remote Support integration provides fast and direct IT incident support to address problems and reduce overall end-user performance disruption, all while recording ticket details. More info.

121514potw brainshark

SlideShark 4.0

Key features: Sales teams/other users can access, present and share PDFs from their iOS devices, getting insights into viewing activity. Expands SlideShark from a PowerPoint-focused app to a multi-file content management solution. More info.

121514potw algosec

AlgoSec Security Management Suite Version 6.7

Key features: The AlgoSec Security Management Suite v6.7 delivers unprecedented visibility of all applications and their connectivity requirements, as well as streamlines end-to-end connectivity management for data center migrations and decommissioning projects. More info.

121514potw asigra

Asigra Cloud Backup for Office 365

Key features: When organizations cancel their Office 365 subscription, Microsoft will delete their data after 90 days. Asigra Cloud Backup reclaims control of data in cloud-based repositories, allowing users to integrate the protection of that data into their corporate backup infrastructure.  More info.

121514potw emc

Syncplicity Panorama

Key features: Syncplicity Panorama provides mobile access to all of your files, no matter where they reside. The product connects directly to SMB or CIFS data storage product (almost any storage box on the market) as well as SharePoint, to enable access to files on these data stores via our mobile apps without having to put them in the cloud – and you don’t have to be a Syncplicity customer to get it. More info.

121514potw logentries


Key features: First cloud-based service for log management real-time analytics. Enables security, privacy, sensitive data protection. Automatically detects and tracks specific patterns, numbers, or fields within log files, offers one-way hash coding. More info.

121514potw bdna

BDNA Normalize

Key features: BDNA Normalize provides new Content Packs for Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) and Common Vulnerability and Exposures (CVE), DejaCode OpenSource and Windows Server 2008 compatibility. More info.

121514potw pertino

Pertino iOSConnect

Key features: iOSConnect—a network app within Pertino’s AppScape app store allows IT organizations to provide simple and secure access to behind-the-firewall and cloud-based files and applications for Apple iPad and iPhone devices. More info.

121514ptow denim

ThreadFix Enterprise Edition

Pricing: 50 apps - $14,995/yr, 100 apps - $24,9995/yr, 500 apps - $49,995/yr, 1,000+ apps – quoted per case

Key features: ThreadFix creates a consolidated view of your applications and vulnerabilities, allowing analysts to prioritize application risk decisions based on data and translate vulnerabilities to developers in the tools they are already using. More info.

121514potw sphere

V3 V50 Virtual Desktop Appliance

Key features: V3 V50: A purpose-built hyper-converged virtual desktop appliance for simplified deployment/management of distributed virtual desktop environments up to 50 desktops. Pre-provisioned for quick, easy installation into existing IT environments, eliminating long and costly VDI deployments. More info.

121514potw iland

iland Enterprise Cloud Services portal

Key features: iland’s ECS portal now integrates disaster recovery, action-oriented alerting and enriched management functionality, empowering companies to easily monitor, control and protect their global cloud resources from anywhere. More info.

121514potw cosentry

Managed Security and Compliance Services

Key features: Comprehensive security services include firewall management, Intrusion Detection Services (IDS), Intrusion Prevention Services (IPS), VPN services, log monitoring, internal and external vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, anti-virus, and data encryption services. More info.

121514potw canonical

Snappy Ubuntu Core

Key features: ‘Snappy’ Ubuntu Core is a new image-based rendition of Ubuntu for the cloud with transactional updates, designed to be fast, reliable and secure, and ideal for container environments. More info.

121514potw barracuda sign

Barracuda SignNow with Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Key features – Barracuda SignNow is now integrated with Microsoft Office365 to allow users to easily Sign, send, and track documents from within Office365. More info.

121514potw vmware 2

VMware vRealize Operations 6.0

Pricing: Advanced ($6,750 per CPU) and Enterprise ($9,950 per CPU). VMware vRealize Operations Insight is licensed on a per-CPU model starting at $2,000.

Key features: It introduces a scale-out, resilient architecture that is 8x more scalable than the previous release. New advanced analytics, smart alerts and problem detection capabilities identify issues and suggest resolutions. More info.

121514potw code42

Code42 EDGE Platform

Key features: The Code42 EDGE Platform, including CrashPlan (endpoint backup) and SharePlan (file sync/share), secures enterprise data with two-factor authentication and single sign-on, as well as integration with multiple identity management providers. More info.

121514potw cuda firewall

Barracuda NG Firewall now available in Microsoft Azure Government Image Gallery

Key features – Barracuda NG Firewall delivers next-generation capabilities and high-speed site-to-site remote access from on-premises networks to Azure or Vnets within Azure, enabling government agencies to deploy secure interconnected multi-zone network architectures. More info.

121514potw cuda waf

Barracuda Web Application Firewall now available in Microsoft Azure Government Image Gallery

Key features – Barracuda Web Application Firewall is available to government agencies looking to protect web applications or workloads deployed on Microsoft Azure. More info.