8 Android and iOS apps for Hanukkah

Don’t let your relatives catch you on your phone though, or you’ll get such a zetz…

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Happy Hanukkah!

The Hanukkah router here at Network World has sputtered and coughed and disgorged not one, not two, but eight Android and iOS apps for Hanukkah, which begins tonight at sundown. (In case you were unaware.) Check them out, and chag sameach.

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Google Play

Tfilon (Android)

Now this is handy – Tfilon is a digital siddur, or prayerbook, for Android, which shows the appropriate prayers for every Jewish holiday without connecting to the Internet. (An important consideration for some of the more devout flavors of Judaism.) It’s all in Hebrew, however – no translation here.

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BeJewish (iOS)

If you’ve played match-three games, you’ll be familiar with the concept of this one, which adds the Hebrew symbols on the dreidel (nun, gimel, hey, and shin) as well as menoras to the pieces.

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Shofar 4 Kidz (iOS)

OK, yes, the shofar is more of a High Holy Days thing, but I couldn’t in good conscience leave this out. Who wouldn’t want their kids to have the ability to produce noisy shofar blasts from their phones?

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Light My Fire (Android, iOS)

There are a lot of these virtual Hanukkah menorah apps out there – here’s a pic of a menorah, touch here to light a candle, etc. – but this one also includes handy features like references for the Hanukkah blessing and historic menorahs from the Jewish Museum in New York, the app’s publisher.

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iGevalt – Dreidel Simulator (iOS, $1)

Yes, there are plenty of virtual dreidels out there, but this one deserves credit for solid visuals, and of course, the excellent name.

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Google Play

My Menorah (Android)

It’s an animated Hanukkah companion for kids, which includes a spinnable dreidel to determine the color of the next candle to be lit, Hanukkah songs, and even what the publishers describe as “special ‘8 Days of Happiness’ tips for parents, resources and guides for creating meaningful family Chanukah experiences.”

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Google Play

Flying Rabbi (Android)

If Catholicism can have a flying nun, why not a flying Rabbi for Judaism? It’s a surprisingly fun little time-waster, where you draw a trampoline underneath the South Parkishly animated Rabbi Roni to keep him in the air as long as possible.

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Matisyahu’s ‘Happy Hanukkah’ Jam-Along (iOS, $1)

Matisyahu is a musician who enjoyed a brief vogue several years ago for his Hasidic reggae stylings (yes, you read that right), and now he’s got an app – kids can use it to “play along” with the singer’s own “Happy Hanukkah” song.