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So you got your drone or GoPro for Christmas ... what are you going to edit the footage with?

MAGIX's Fastcut makes it easy to create professional-looking video from raw action cam footage.

Credit: MAGIX

So, you got a drone for Christmas or maybe a GoPro and you’ve shot some footage ... now what are you going to do with it?

If you’re a Windows user you should check out MAGIX Fastcut, an editing application with a features that make it very well-suited for creating sophisticated movies from wide angle, action cam videos.

With Fastcut you can edit video directly on your camera or import the footage from SD cards or from your camera via USB. Even better, when you’re working with HD or 4K video both of which produce enormous files that are slow to transfer and work with, you can use Fastcut’s proxy editing feature.

Proxy editing uses a low resolution copy of the source video and then, when the editing process is completed, the high resolution original video is automatically edited to match the edits on the low resolution copy to create the final output. 

GoPro cameras are specifically supported by Fastcut and if you’re a GoPro owner and you wondered what the files with the extensions THM and LRV for each clip are, these are automatically created low resolution versions (THM are “thumbnail” videos which are used for previews shown on the GoPro built-in display while LRV files are either 480 by 226 pixel or 960 by 720 pixel versions depending on the GoPro camera model and video mode and frame rate). Fastcut will discover the LRV and automatically use them rather than the original video which makes the workflow much faster.

A feature of Fastcut that’s really great for action cam footage is the ability to correct for “fisheye” effects caused by wide angle lenses. Fastcut provides built-in correction presets as well as custom correction. This gives you a huge amount of creative freedom (sometimes you might want to only lessen a fisheye effect rather than remove it altogether).

Fastcut has a slick, uncluttered interface. You can select automatic editing which joins clips together automatically to deliver a smooth, professional quality edit or use manual editing and select which transitions, templates, soundtracks, image stabilization, color correction, and audio filters you prefer.

This is an impressive package and amazing value for $49.99. MAGIX Fastcut gets a Gearhead rating of 5 out of 5. 

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