The database popularity contest

Which database has the most buzz in the market?

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Oracle has long ruled the database market, but some up and coming databases seem to be gaining considerable attention amongst technology pros.

The website DBEngines uses a variety of metrics to track database activity, and specifically which databases are the most popular. It takes a somewhat unique approach though: It doesn’t track sales or market share data, but instead it monitors how often databases are searched for on the web, frequency of mentions on technical discussion forums and job postings for professionals who work on the database. It doesn’t measure revenue, but it does measure buzz.  

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Oracle has a strong first-place lead in the company’s ranking of the top databases, even by these metrics. But as we have noted before, new types of databases are making headway in this market once dominated by a handful of giants.

For the second year in a row, DBEngines has named MongoDB its a database of the year for 2014. Unlike Oracle and MySQL’s relational database model, MongoDB uses a NoSQL model for storing data. Redis, another NoSQL database, was named the second fastest growing database in terms of DBEngines’ popularity metrics.

The figures should be taken with a grain of salt, as some have noted on twitter. “The top (company) in that list has revenue in the tens of millions. That is like a couple of Oracle accounts,” Chris Gaun, a cloud marketer for PaaS company Apprenda tweeted.  

A new report out by Wikibon’s Jeff Kelly predicts that the NoSQL market as a whole will grow from $411 million in revenue in 2014 to $1.6 billion in 2017. Impressive growth, but by comparison, Oracle collected about $38 billion in revenue for its last fiscal year. In December it said its quarterly revenue was $9.6 billion, across the entire company.

The NoSQL market may be growing in the hearts and minds of database operators, but Larry Ellison and Oracle still have a huge lead.

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