How Samsung disappointed me by actually providing good support

By fixing a bug in its Android-powered Galaxy Camera 2, Samsung deprived me of the opportunity to criticize it on the internet.

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Back in October, I wrote a review of the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 – a fairly basic point-and-shoot camera that becomes an amazing point-and-shoot thanks to the wide variety of Android apps that are available. To say I gave it a ringing endorsement would be an understatement.

Then, almost exactly a month later, I contacted Samsung technical support about a well-known crippling bug on this otherwise amazing little device.

The bug? The camera completely forgets the Google account that was in use by the system. Constantly. This results in a number of annoying problems – no updates to apps, no ability to get email, no ability to post to G+... on and on. Of course, you can always re-add your Google account to re-enable all of these features. Unfortunately, it usually takes two or three tries to re-add the account (it usually errors out). This problem wouldn't have been so infuriating if it didn't happen damn near every time the device was turned on.

Unfortunately, my initial response from Samsung support was… somewhat lacking. "Turn it off and on again" was the best they could do. And, being as the problem occurs (usually) when turning the camera on, this was obviously not a very effective solution.

Feeling a bit frustrated (as I had, after all, recommended this camera to the entire freaking Internet), I made one final attempt to contact Samsung about the issue – specifically when a fix might be released.

I didn't expect a good response from Samsung. I expected them to tell me to turn it on and off again, after which I was prepared to write an article about my horrible experience with Samsung.

But that didn't happen.

Samsung's PR department got back to me almost immediately and confirmed that they knew about the issue, were working on it, and expected to release a fix "as soon as possible."

A few weeks later, I received an email alerting me to a new system update for the Galaxy Camera 2 that fixes this issue. I downloaded and updated my system and…lo and behold…the bug was gone.

My initial experience dealing with Samsung technical support was, certainly, less than ideal. But they quickly took care of the problem (less than a month to develop, test, and release an entire system update isn't too damned shabby!) and took the time to let me know.

So, Samsung, I am both happy with you… and mad at you.

I’m happy that you did a great job of supporting your hardware (hardware that I am a big fan of). But I’m a bit ticked off that you robbed me of the ability to write an article about how much you guys stink. I had zingers prepared and everything.

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