Survey: Most enterprises will be on IPv6 by 2013

IT professionals overwhelmingly say they want their companies to be leaders not laggards in IPv6 adoption, Network World survey finds.
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IPv6 makes significant progress in the enterprise

2011 is the year that IPv6 moved among the top priorities for many enterprises. Network World wanted to know where organizations stood in their implementation plans. So we asked and 210 readers, representing businesses of all sizes, responded. We expected people to tell us that they were making progress on IPv6 for their websites, and they are. We were surprised at how far along many are with IPv6 on their internal networks as well. And we were blown away by how many agreed that IPv6 isn't just hype, but fundamentally important to the growth of the Internet and that they didn't want their companies to be left behind. The following slides offer the full results of the survey.

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