The Evolution of the Desktop GUI

From the first graphical user interface developed by Xerox in 1981 to the tablet-like, touch-screen interfaces of Mac OS X Lion and Windows 8, the tools to navigate a computer desktop have gone through drastic changes over the years. Let's take a trip down desktop memory lane.
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Xerox Star GUI -- 1981

After building and designing personal computers throughout the '70s, Xerox had a breakthrough in 1981 when it unveiled Star, the first system that integrated desktop computing with various technologies that are now commonplace: a bitmapped display, a GUI (graphical user interface), icons, folders, a mouse, Ethernet networking, file servers, print servers and e-mail.

Star was ahead of its time and not commercially successful, but it was incredibly influential, setting the standard for GUIs to come from Microsoft, Apple and Sun, among others.

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