Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Digium, Trend MIcro, RSA among others.

Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Digium, Trend MIcro, RSA among others.

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Corero Network Security DDoS Defense System (DDS)

Product name: Corero Network Security DDoS Defense System (DDS)

Key features: Corero RSA Corero's DDS is designed to detect and block network- and application-layer Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) -attacks. Enterprises Corero's DDS addresses this new "low and slow" application layer DDoS attack which can shut down critical services without hitting the bandwidth consumption scale. More info.

GFI MailArchiver

Product name: GFI MailArchiver

Key features: GFI MailArchiver introduces MailInsights, a data analysis tool that analyzes email archives to provide small and midsize businesses with business insight into critical operations by leveraging the wealth of information that is contained within their email. More info.

Digium's TE820 Octal-Span Digital Card

Product name: TE820 Octal-Span Digital Card

Key features: The TE820 Octal-Span Digital Card provides trunk lines to Asterisk-based VoIP phone systems. The card features eight programmable ports that can support T-1, E-1 and flavors of ISDN PRI. Each line can be configured as either a network connection or to devices on premise. It is designed to connect the VoIP network with traditional telephony devices, and can be used with interactive voice response systems, VoIP gateways and conferencing systems.


Product name: oneDrum

Key features: A desktop application, oneDrum enables peer-to-peer collaboration among users of Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word. Changes appear real-time, and changes made when machines are offline are synced when the device reattaches to the network. The paid version coming in February will include cloud backup and a self-hosted version for enterprises. More info.

Acronis Snap Deploy 4

Product name: Acronis Snap Deploy 4

Key features: Snap Deploy 4 handles the automated deployment of data and systems to multiple PCs, virtual machines and servers, using Acronis disk imaging technology. It lets IT administrators copy exact images of data and systems (including the operating system, applications and files) and move them from one device to another. More info.

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cloud sigma's SSD Storage

Product name: SSD Storage

Key features: CloudSigma's SSD storage product is the industry's first solid-state drive storage solution for a public cloud IaaS environment. It significantly expands the breadth of computing tasks possible in a public cloud by eliminating growing I/O storage bottlenecks and increasing performance. More info.

Fidelis' SSL Inspector 10G

Product name: SSL Inspector 10G

Key features: SSL Inspector 10G enables the Fidelis XPS Deep Session Inspection architecture to detect threats in SSL-encrypted content on 10G Ethernet networks. It decrypts, inspects and re-encrypts SSL traffic at line speed. More info.

Fidelis' SSL Decoder

Product name: SSL Decoder

Key features: SSL Decoder is a new capability within Fidelis XPS that assesses the authenticity of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates and alerts IT security when it discovers fake certificates. Fidelis XPS is a network security appliance that can monitor traffic and block it according to security policies. More info.

Trend Micro's SafeSync for Business

Product name: SafeSync for Business

Key features: Trend Micro launched the latest version of SafeSync for Business, featuring an enhanced look and feel, simplified sync functionality, expanded 64-bit support for Mac users and a 99.9% money-back service-level agreement. More info.

Reflex Virtualization Management Center (VMC) with Support of vSphere 5

Product name: Reflex Virtualization Management Center (VMC) with Support of vSphere 5

Key features: Reflex VMC 3.0 helps enterprises optimize large-scale vSphere 5 licensing scenarios and provides enterprises with the tools to best configure, rightsize, monitor, and secure their vSphere 5 implementations. More info.

RSA DLP Suite 9.0

Product name: RSA DLP Suite 9.0

Key features: Major enhancements allow enterprises to better discover, monitor and manage risk from sensitive data loss across the infrastructure including smartphones and tablets. Whether sensitive data is accessed via these consumerized endpoints, stored in Big Data repositories or provisioned through virtual applications and desktops, organizations gain the visibility needed to make more informed decisions around security and governance. More info.

LiveOffice File Archive

Product name: LiveOffice File Archive

Key features: LiveOffice File Archive is a cloud-based service that archives documents from popular online file sharing platforms, including Box and Dropbox. The service allows businesses to meet compliance, e-discovery and retention requirements. More info.

InfoExpress' CyberGatekeeper Agent for iOS

Product name: CyberGatekeeper Agent for iOS

Key features: The CyberGatekeeper Network Access Control solution ensures that only authorized and compliant devices are accessing the network, and provides actions to remediate non-compliant devices. With the CyberGatekeeper Agent for iOS, the NAC solution ensures that iPads, iPhones, and iPods are validated and authorized prior to gaining access to the network.