11 Geekiest Doctor Who T-Shirts

On Christmas Day, the BBC will once again present a Doctor Who Christmas special – those of us in the U.S. can even enjoy it on BBC America (9 p.m. ET). To get ready for that event, you should definitely be decked out in your favorite Doctor Who T-shirt – here's a list of our 11 (after all, there are 11 doctors) favorite tees celebrating the timey wimeyness of our favorite time-traveling man with a box:

11 Doctors on Your Chest

OK, more like one Doctor, but 11 incarnations.

All the Whos in Whoville

All the Whos in Whoville

Combines our love for the Grinch and the Doctor in one fabulous T-shirt.

Doctor Hoo

OK, this one sees if your friends are really paying attention. All 11 Doctors sitting on a branch, as depicted by owls.

This is Not My Time Machine

Fans of Doctor Who as well as Bill and Ted will understand this predicament.

Doctor Pooh

Oh bother! Where did I leave that TARDIS again?

Inspector Spacetime

Fans of Doctor Who and Community (like, everyone!) will enjoy this tee.

But where's Hobbes?

The Doctor runs away with Amy Pond as if drawn by Bill Waterson (Calvin & Hobbes).

The Four Natural Elements

Show off your love for Star Wars, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter in one colorful T-shirt.

Hope I regenerate before I get old…

The other famous Who from Britain…

Grover explains time travel

Oh, so that's how near and far works.