Geekiest sweaters of all time

Tux the penguin, the big Apple and other cleverly designed sweaters are keeping techies warm ? and oh so very fashionabl

You can have your tacky Christmas sweaters. But here at Network World we’re all about celebrating things geeky and techie. Without further ado, a collection of some of the more fabulous ones found around the Web.

For budding Linux admins.

Source: Teresa McCullough’s blog

Steve Jobs would be so proud.

SOURCE: Sigalakos, Flickr

Power up, Super Mario!

Source: Geek Crafts

Didn’t think it was possible to be hunkier than R2-D2, but apparently it is.

SOURCE: New Design Blog

Now you’ll never mix up Boron and Bohrium, with this Periodic Table sweater.

SOURCE: Avital Pinnick, This and That blog

Do-it-yourself Android sweater.

Source: Mirabel Wong, Flickr

Did you ever think that your bike might want to be warm too?

SOURCE: Buzzfeed via Apothekemedia

Ultimate in Web browser privacy.

Source: Buzzfeed

Testing, testing…

Source: Craftzine

This isn’t geeky, just plain stylish: a few-of-a-kind IDG sweater, honoring the parent company of Network World and many of your other favorite tech business publications

Got something even geekier or techier than the ones in this slideshow? Send along a photo and we can add it to the slideshow if it passes muster with our fashion police.


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