Microsoft's Most Glorious Failures

Sometimes Microsoft fails because the product simply stinks (paging Microsoft Bob), but these flops were mostly good ideas that fell victim to bad timing or poor execution.
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Critics are fond of saying that Microsoft lacks an inventive or innovative spirit, but history begs to differ. The past two decades are littered with experimental Microsoft technologies and products that tried hard to push people toward new ways of using a computer. The company has attempted to bring the world numerous devices for viewing digital content on televisions, ambitious plans for a Web-wide single-sign-on feature, and independent displays.

Microsoft's problem is often not that it's stuck in rewind; rather, many of its products have failed spectacularly because they were either ahead of their time or poorly executed. In fact, many of these flops proved to be predecessors to several of the popular gadgets we use today. Let's take a look at some of Microsoft's most glorious failures.

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