Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Sophos, Fortinet, Dell, among others.

Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Sophos, Fortinet, Dell, among others.

Astaro Security Gateway version 8

Product name: Astaro Security Gateway version 8

Key features: Version 8 of the Astaro Security Gateway includes support for IPv6, an improved GUI and new configuration change auditing capabilities and more. More info.

Imperva's SecureSphere File Activity Monitoring

Product: SecureSphere File Activity Monitoring

Key features: Imperva's SecureSphere File Activity Monitoring (FAM) solution allows enterprises to monitor access to sensitive file data, establish an audit trail for compliance and reduce data access rights to a business need-to-know level. Imperva's FAM offers User Rights Management for Files, allowing companies to aggregate, review, approve or reject rights to sensitive files/folders, as well as quickly identify suspect excessive and dormant rights. Companies can also audit, alert and block access to files/folders. More info.

Faronics Anti-Virus

Product: Faronics Anti-Virus

Key features: Faronics Anti-Virus provides high-performance, proactive endpoint malware protection without the sluggish performance and resource drain that can plague traditional anti-virus solutions. It provides seamless integration with Faronics Deep Freeze so anti-virus updates can be applied when computers are in a frozen state. More info.

FortiGate-60C and FortiWifi-60C

Product: FortiGate-60C and FortiWifi-60C

Key features: These unified threat management devices support a security software bundle including antivirus/antispyware, IPS, Web filtering, anti-spam, database security, vulnerability management and a Web application firewall. It also includes a traditional packet filtering firewall and IPSec and SSL VPN support. They can be used by an enterprise or as CPE to enable managed security services.

McAfee Risk Advisor

Product: McAfee Risk Advisor

Key features: This enterprise risk-assessment and evaluation product has added risk trending over time through risk scoring to assign a value to a threat. More info.

Vulnerability Manager 7.0

Product name: Vulnerability Manager 7.0

Key features: New with this updated version of Vulnerability Manager is the ability to assess Web applications according to the OWASP Top Ten and PCI vulnerabilities More info.

Vulnerability Management for Databases

Product name: Vulnerability Management for Databases

Key features: Technology licensed from Sentrigo, this McAfee-branded database security tool works with Oracle, IBM, SQL Server, Sybase and MySQL databases and is integrated with McAfee's ePolicy Orchestrator management console. More info.

Nimbus S1000 SSD

Product name: Nimbus S1000 SSD

Key features: SSD storage box with optional 10Gigabit Ethernet technology is designed for high-end storage needs, including performance-intensive HPC applications. The S1000 can scale up to 250TB, speeds of 2.7 million IOPS and throughput of 82 Gbps. More info.

2. Websense Data Security Suite Integrated with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 File Classification

Product name: Websense Data Security Suite Integrated with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 File Classification Infrastructure

Key features: Websense has integrated Microsoft File Classification Infrastructure (FCI) technology into Websense Data Loss Prevention Suite to automatically identify, classify, and remediate sensitive data with centrally managed security policies. In addition, it applies DRM to protect actual content, even after it has left an organization. More info about Microsoft File Classification Infrastructure, more info about Websense Data Security Suite .


Product: Kronos' new UI for Workforce Central

Key features: Kronos has delivered a new user interface, based on Rich Internet Applications (RIA) technology, for its workforce management software. The next generation user interface was designed around Instant Engagement and Guided Decisions. From within the interface, managers can view critical business information such as employee scheduling coverage, employee work hours, and time-off requests. The user interface has the intelligence to identify issues and recommend solutions to common workforce challenges, which saves managers time and helps them make the right decisions regarding their workforce. More info.

IIBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System

Product name: IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System

Key features: IBM is introducing a new security appliance that consolidates intrusion prevention with data and Web application security into a single, optimized appliance for faster, more accurate security protection. The hardware appliance comes preloaded and preconfigured with IBM security software and extends the capabilities of the IBM X-Force research team to deliver high-performance network security at lower costs. Now, through one unified platform, clients can manage a variety of network security capabilities, such as automated Virtual Patch technology that can sense and block network threats, client-side application protection, data security, Web application protection and application control. More info.