Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Microsoft, Novell, Hitachi, among others.

Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Microsoft, Novell, Hitachi, among others.

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Arcsight's Logger 5.0

Product name: Logger 5.0

Key features: The latest version of the Logger log-management system adds the ability to track build-errors in applications, analyze failed login attempts, analyze CPU use and to report on application runtime stack traces. The new version can also create reports against both structured and unstructured data, as well as unified search across data types. Logger 5.0 also features a simplified search language. More info.

Nasuni Filer 2.0

Product: Nasuni Filer 2.0

Key features: The new Nasuni Filer 2.0, with enhanced performance in Microsoft Windows environments, including full support for Hyper-V server virtualization, Windows Azure, Distributed File System (DFS) namespaces, and Windows Previous Versions. The Nasuni Filer also now supports private clouds and allows customers to provide their own cloud credentials, increasing the flexibility of the product. Further pricing: $250 per month with one-year prepay, $200 per month with two-year prepay. More info.

Voltaire Storage Accelerator

Product: Voltaire Storage Accelerator

Key features: VSA speeds access time by a factor of 100X over traditional storage systems, leading to far greater application performance at lower costs and using significantly less space. VSA software can be deployed over industry standard servers to enable high-performance x86-based storage or gateways. More info.

eEye's Zero Day Tracker

Product: Zero Day Tracker

Key features: The eEye Zero Day Tracker is a free service providing the most up-to-date information available on Zero Day vulnerabilities and how to combat them. The new service catalogues the latest Zero Day vulnerabilities and provides a detailed analysis of each one, including affected software, severity level, potential impact, and mitigation and protection procedures. With the Zero Day Tracker service, IT professionals can receive information as soon as eEye's researchers have determined what the threats are and how to neutralize them. More info.

Novell Access Governance Suite Version 4.1

Product: Novell Access Governance Suite Version 4.1

Key features: Novell Access Governance Suite embeds governance and controls into access requests, helping organizations review user access to resources to assure the right level of access. Version 4.1 adds Novell Access Request and Change Manager, simplifying access change requests in order to close potential compliance gaps. More info.

Microsoft's Windows HPC Server 2008 R2

Product name: Windows HPC Server 2008 R2

Key features: Microsoft's latest high-performance computing software lets customers offload computational tasks onto idle Windows 7 desktops, expanding the processing power of a cluster; and adds integration with Excel 2010. More info.

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Sanpulse's SANatomy

Product name: SANatomy

Key features: SANatomy delivers structured reporting on SAN-based storage infrastructures, enabling ongoing operational validation and delivering information necessary to speed storage optimization initiatives. More info.

eXo Platform 3.0

Product name: eXo Platform 3.0

Key features: eXo Platform 3.0 is an extensible development platform for rich, user-centric Java applications with content, collaboration and social capabilities. It also allows custom REST APIs to be built and deployed. More info.

IPswitch's WhatsConnected

Product name: WhatsConnected

Key features: WhatsConnected is designed to automatically discover, map and document network devices, servers, VMware virtual machines, VLANs and port-to-port connectivity. It's available as a standalone product or a plug-in for Ipswitch's WhatsUp Gold network management suite. More info.

CTERA C400/C200/CloudPlug

Product name: CTERA C400/C200/CloudPlug

Key features: CTERA's Cloud Attached Storage is a hybrid storage product that protects and backs up PCs, roaming laptops and servers at both the disk and file level, storing data both locally and in the cloud. More info.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform

Product name: Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform

Key features: Hitachi VSP is the industry's first 3D scaling storage platform. The new Hitachi Command Suite, integrated with the Hitachi VSP, provides simplified, automated seamless management of next generation virtualized data centers. More info.

QRadar Security Intelligence Platform 7.0

Product name: QRadar Security Intelligence Platform 7.0

Key features: QRadar 7.0 is a significant new release, supporting high-demand use cases such as social media monitoring and correlation, user and application anomaly detection, and client-side vulnerability profiling. More info .

RightNow's CX for Facebook

Product name: CX for Facebook

Key features: Organizations will be able to provide consumers and fans with a full set of interaction – including self, crowd and agent-assisted service – directly from a support tab on the organization's Facebook page. More info.

Radware's ADC-VX

Product name: ADC-VX

Key features: Radware's ADC-VX, an industry-first ADC hypervisor running multiple virtual ADC instances, which enables the agility of virtualization for ADC services without compromising resiliency or performance predictability resulting in significant cost-savings. More info.