Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Kaspersky, Solarwinds, eEye, among others.

Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Kaspersky, Solarwinds, eEye, among others.

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Kaspersky Small Office Security

Product name: Kaspersky Small Office Security

Key features: Internet security software, with advanced data and password features, which can be administered across all the PCs in a small office from a central PC. More info.

Further pricing: 5-PC licenses + 1-server license = $199.95 per year. 10-PC licenses + 1-server license = $399.95 per year

AlgoSec Security Management Suite 6.0

Product: AlgoSec Security Management Suite 6.0

Key features: AlgoSec Suite 6.0 introduces an industry first, ActiveChange, which allows companies to enhance security change workflows by automatically implementing recommended policy changes directly on network firewalls. More info.

IMperva's SecureSphere 8.5

Product: SecureSphere 8.5

Key features: Imperva's award-winning data and file monitoring hardware enhances threat protection with agent-based monitoring and auditing for DB2 x/OS mainframe databases and offers Windows File Server agents for deployment. More info.

Avnet's NASg GS-1000

Product: NASg GS-1000

Key features: Scale-out NAS for SMBs delivered in 1U form factor; 4X faster performance over previous version - supports Intel Atom processing power. Embedded Windows 7 and Microsoft Active Directory and supports all Microsoft OS platforms. More info.

Solarwinds' SNMP Enabler for Windows

Product: SNMP Enabler for Windows

Key features: SolarWinds' SNMP Enabler for Windows is an application management free tool , that makes it easy to quickly install, enable and configure SNMP on Windows servers and workstations. More info.

Avere GNS for FXT Series

Product name: Avere GNS for FXT Series

Key features: Avere has added Global Namespace (GNS) functionality across its entire FXT Scale-out NAS appliance family with the newest release of the Avere operating system. Avere GNS enables a single namespace view across all NAS storage servers throughout the enterprise, allowing the unification of islands of NAS from multiple vendors across multiple locations. More info.

GaleForce Turnkey Cloud

Product name: GaleForce Turnkey Cloud

Key features: Lets customers convert existing IT infrastructure into a private or hybrid cloud environment in just two steps and as little as two weeks. Target scenarios include data center staging and quality assurance, training, sales demonstrations, development and test environments, and disaster recovery test environments. More info.

Retina's eEye Digital Security

Product name: Retina

Key features: eEye has updated its Retina family of vulnerability products with new audits that detect cloud-based file sharing applications within the corporate network. More info .

rPath X6

Product name: rPath X6

Key features: rPath X6 lets users visually construct systems, generate new images and implement controlled updates to manage the complete software and business services life cycle across physical, virtual and cloud environments. More info.