Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from EMC, HP, Gigaspaces, among others.

Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from EMC, HP, Gigaspaces, among others.

Veeam Reporter

Product name: Veeam Reporter 4.0

Key features: Veeam Reporter 4.0 helps VMware admins do capacity planning, track change and configuration management, and conduct root cause analysis. The biggest new feature is a new reporting engine based on Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. Veeam Reporter 4.0 is also the first to provide configuration reporting on vSphere ESX4 Host Profiles, as well as reports on other vSphere-specific features, such as distributed switches. More info.

Sourcefire SSL Appliance

Product: Sourcefire SSL Appliance

Key features: Sourcefire SSL Appliance is an SSL proxy that decrypts SSL traffic so network security devices can scan the traffic for malware and to determine if it complies with policies. It then re-encrypts the traffic via a second SSL session.

Fortinet's FG-3950B, FG-3951B

Product: FG-3950B, FG-3951B

Key features: The FG-3950B and FG-3951B are multi-function security appliances that support firewall, VPN, IPS, anti-virus, Web filtering, anti-spam, VoIP protection, WAN optimization and application control. The company says the firewall speed can reach 120GBps of what it calls low-latency protection. Further pricing: Accelerator and security processor cards cost $24,000 each.

Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway 2.1

Product: Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway 2.1

Key features: Offers best of breed performance and functionality in the form factor of your choice (physical or virtual – Vmware or Hyper V). The SECURE Web Gateway features URL filtering, HTTPS decryption, anti-virus, anti-spyware, content filtering and proxy server all on hardened Linux. More info.

Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway 3.1

Product: Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway 3.1

Key features: Offers best of breed performance and functionality in the form factor of your choice (physical or virtual – Vmware or Hyper V). The SECURE Email Gateway provides full anti-spam, anti-virus, content filtering and optional e-mail encryption. More info.

QLogic's InfiniBand Fabric Suite 6.0

Product name: InfiniBand Fabric Suite 6.0

Key features: Designed to increase utilization of compute resources by prioritizing and segmenting traffic, reduce performance slowdowns caused by pathway bottlenecks with "adaptive routing" technology built into the chips, and increase message rate performance with better load balancing. More info.

Hitachi's IT Operations Analyzer 2.0

Product name: IT Operations Analyzer 2.0

Key features: New features in Hitachi's software that monitors availability of servers, switches and storage devices include enhanced virtualization support, including Microsoft's Hyper-V and VMware's vSphere, and expanded device monitoring of up to 750 nodes per license. More info.

EMC's Mozy 2.0 for Windows

Product name: Mozy 2.0 for Windows

Key features: Online backup service now automatically backs up files to external drives, in addition to the Mozy data center; speed improvements of up to 25%; and a redesigned, easier-to-use interface. More info.

HyperOffice Total Collaboration Suite

Product name: HyperOffice Total Collaboration Suite

Key features: Latest version of the software-as-a-service messaging and collaboration platform includes a more flexible, intuitive user interface, shared contacts, shared document collaboration, a group wiki, integration of calendars, contacts and documents and other features. More info.

Coraid's EtherDrive Z-Series NAS appliances

Product name: EtherDrive Z-Series NAS appliances

Key features: NAS appliances come in two configurations, with up to eight cores and 48GB of RAM, and include the ZFS file system, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, in-line deduplication, replication, snapshots, compression, automatic tiering, continuous data protection, file search and thin provisioning. More info.

HP LoadRunner in the Cloud

Product name: HP LoadRunner in the Cloud

Key features: HP is taking its load testing software and making it available through the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, allowing on-demand performance testing of applications and Web sites. Although the HP beta is free, customers must still pay for access to the Amazon cloud service. More info.

HP Data Protector

Product name: HP Data Protector

Key features: Enhancements to data protection and backup product includes protection of Microsoft Hyper-V servers, and lets customers manage physical and virtual servers through one interface. More info.

Face Time's Unified Security Gateway 4

Product name: Unified Security Gateway 4

Key features: USG enables control over social media sites, including moderator controls of comments, integration with directory services for authentication, identity management and mapping, and export of logged content for retention and eDiscovery. More info.

Gigaspace's eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) 7.1

Product name: eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) 7.1

Key features: High-end application server with the leading in-memory data grid built-in, delivering predictable scalability and guaranteed high performance, and boosting hardware utilization up to 500%. Simple APIs ensure easy development, deployment and maintenance. More info.

Pricing: Cloud (Amazon EC2) Small instance -$0.38/hour U.S. & $0.41/hour EU; High CPU Extra Large Instance - $3/hour U.S. & $3.30/hour EU

Digital Fuel's IT Cloud Cost Management

Product name: IT Cloud Cost Management

Key features: Software-as-a-service product helps enterprises manage the cost of IT by comparing the total cost of ownership, unit cost and performance of cloud applications and other types of IT services. Vendors that can be analyzed with the tool include Amazon, Google, Citrix, Cisco, Salesforce and Rackspace. More info.

Dasient's Anti-Malvertising Solution

Product name: Anti-Malvertising Solution

Key features: Dasient's Anti-Malvertising Solution enables publishers and ad networks to identify and remediate malicious ads ("malvertisements") on their networks to avoid brand and revenue losses. Pricing is dependent on number of ad tags and frequency of scans. More info.

Symplified's Trust Cloud for EC2

Product name: Trust Cloud for EC2

Key features: Identity management for Amazon's EC2 platform, providing access management, single sign-on, and usage auditing for applications. More info.

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