Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Symantec, TriGeo, FalconStor, among others.

Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Symantec, TriGeo, FalconStor, among others.

Symantec's Norton 360 v. 4

Product name: Norton 360 v. 4

Key features: This fourth release of Norton 360 (for Windows 7, XP and Vista) proactively protects against malicious downloads and comes with online storage (2GB Standard, 25GB Premium) with a new option for Web-based access to files and data, and new mobile apps for Android, iPhone and iPad coming soon. More info.

TriGeo SIM Version 5.0

Product: TriGeo SIM Version 5.0

Key features: TriGeo SIM Version 5.0 is the only SIEM solution that combines sophisticated behavioral analysis rules, real-time database monitoring and the automated responses that empower midmarket organizations to proactively defend their networks. More info.

* Pricing information is for North American based deployments.

Userful Multiplier Version 3.7

Product: Userful Multiplier Version 3.7

Key features: This Linux desktop virtualization software lets a single PC support 10 users at the same time, each with his own monitor, keyboard and mouse. An updated version includes expanded multilingual support, improved USB device support, and works with "all major Linux distributions including Ubuntu 9.10, SLED 11, and Fedora 11." More info.

Virsto One

Product: Virsto One

Key features: Virsto One is storage virtualization software that installs into the Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor and speeds up data access for virtual machines. For example, Virsto ensures that storage systems perform sequential reads and writes, rather than random, reducing the amount of time needed by the disk head to do its job. Virsto also reduces storage sprawl by preventing files from being needlessly duplicated, and includes thin provisioning, snapshots, clones and support for live migration. More info.

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PA-4000 and PA-2000 series, and PA-500

Product: PA-4000 and PA-2000 series, and PA-500

Key features: Next-generation firewalls from Palo Alto Networks combine three identification technologies to provide the unprecedented visibility and policy control over applications, users and content – all in a high-performance firewall platform. The top of the range PA-4000 Series of enterprise firewalls manages up to 10Gbps of traffic using dedicated processing and memory for networking, security, threat prevention and management.

Aster Data's nCluster 4.5

Product name: nCluster 4.5

Key features: Update to Aster's data management and processing platform makes it easier to build MapReduce and SQL analytic applications; includes reusable modules for common analytic functions; a new management console that makes it easier to monitor and manage large data sets and advanced analytic applications; and support for solid-state storage. More info.

Tandberg Data's DPS2000 NAS

Product name: DPS2000 NAS

Key features: New disk system for small and midsize businesses, and an accompanying product called AccuGuard, provides "automated data protection, including simple cross-platform file sharing, consolidated iSCSI storage, improved backup and recovery capabilities and remote replication for offsite data storage and disaster recovery," according to Tandberg. More info.

FalconStor's NSS SAN Accelerator

Product name: NSS SAN Accelerator

Key features: New SAN gateway is designed to improve I/O performance for mission-critical applications by using multi-terabyte solid state storage arrays. "FalconStor NSS SAN Accelerator combines the FalconStor Network Storage Server (NSS) Gateway, a Violin 1010 Flash Memory Appliance and FalconStor storage management software to create a virtual SAN out of new or existing storage resources while introducing a solid state memory array tier as a caching platform for all application data requiring the fastest I/O," according to FalconStor. More info.

Lieberman Software?s ERPM 4.82

Product name: Lieberman Software's ERPM 4.82

Key features: Lieberman Software's Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) provides new levels of visibility and control for cloud service providers and large enterprises to secure privileged identities. ERPM now delivers fine-grain management features to protect every asset in the cloud infrastructure – including physical and virtual computers and network appliances, hypervisors, databases, middleware, line-of-business applications and more. With this version of ERPM, cloud service providers can assure both customers and IT auditors that privileged access to sensitive data is continuously monitored and secured. More info.

Bus-Tech MDL-7

Product name: Bus-Tech MDL-7

Key features: Improvements in the MDL-7 include RSA key management support for greater data protection and compliance; phone-home capabilities to actively notify both the customer and Bus-Tech support of any potential problems, allowing them to proactively apply fixes; z/OS Master Console support for centralized operation of the MDL (eliminating multiple consoles); and an enhanced library file systems for easier configuration and administration. More Info.

Polycom Touch Control

Product name: Touch Control

Key features: This device lets customers of Polycom's telepresence gear control it via a seven-inch touchscreen graphical interface. Users can find colleagues, call them into telepresence conferences and share content using the device. During conferences Touch Control can pan, zoom and tilt the camera as well as adjust audio. The device can share Microsoft Office formatted data on memory sticks via a USB port.

Guardian Analytics' FraudMAP  for Business Banking

Product name: FraudMAP for Business Banking

Key features: FraudMAP for Business Banking is designed to prevent fraud in online business banking accounts. The software solution helps financial institutions proactively defend against all threats including ACH money mule ACH fraud schemes and Man-in-the-Browser attacks by speeding the detection and investigation of online account takeover in the multi-user business banking environment. Dynamic Account Modeling, Guardian Analytics' proprietary technology understands each user's legitimate behavior and uses predictive analytics to differentiate between normal and suspicious activity for each session. Guardian Analytics' predictive analytics-based Risk Engine and real-time Risk Application have been enhanced to  address the unique characteristics of business banking and to address the challenge of securing the online channel. More info.

LogLogic LX/ST4020

Product name: LogLogic LX/ST4020

Key features: LX/ST4020 is a next-generation log management appliance. LogLogic's new hardware delivers faster data retrieval and reporting, longer-term archival of log information, and handles at least 2X more events than previous appliances. More info.

Sentrigo's Repscan 3.0

Product name: Repscan 3.0

Key features: Repscan 3.0 extends this vulnerability assessment product for Oracle databases to the Microsoft SQL Server environment, and adds new functionality for database browsing, sensitive information discovery and penetration testing. More info.

Courion Access Assurance Suite solution version 8.0

Product name: Courion Access Assurance Suite solution Version 8.0

Key features: Courion Access Assurance Suite solution Version 8.0 is the first solution to combine comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM) with sensitive data management, user activity monitoring, automated remediation and advanced analytics to help enterprises manage access risk in their organizations. This version introduces Sensitive Data Manager and User Activity Manager, two new products that deliver vendor-agnostic integration with leading DLP and SIEM technologies and other user activity data sources. This enables organizations to map user access information against sensitive data requirements, providing a more holistic view of user behavior and helping to improve compliance with a broader range of regulations. The pricing information provided on the left also includes one year of maintenance. More info.