Interop's hot new tech products

E-mail for Apple's iPad, virtual desktops, IT security tools and other new technology to be unveiled at Interop Las Vegas this week.

E-mail for Apple's iPad, virtual desktops, IT security tools and other new technology to be unveiled at Interop Las Vegas this week.

Kerio Connect

Product name: Kerio Connect

Key features: Kerio's messaging collaboration server is now compatible with Apple's iPad, so "iPad users can synchronize their e-mail and contacts, search the global address book (GAL), manage invitations, and perform a remote wipe using Exchange ActiveSync," the vendor says. IPad support also includes access to shared calendars. More info.

NComputing's L300

Product name: L300

Key features: New access device for desktop virtualization deployments combines with NComputing's virtualization software to deliver Windows virtual desktops and integrate with Citrix and VMware VDI installations. L300 delivers a "rich, full screen, full motion multimedia playback up to 1920x1080 resolution, transparent USB redirection and simple but powerful deployment and management tools," the vendor says. More info.


Product name: Aprius

Key features: Available for evaluation and testing, Aprius' technology platform for I/O virtualization enables sharing and new management methods of I/O resources over Ethernet. "Aprius' technology provides many servers access to shared PCI Express (PCIe) I/O resource pools over a standard layer-2 Ethernet network, extending servers' access to all network, storage and peripheral resources via a single Ethernet connection," the vendor says. More info.

Transition Networks' ION Platform

Product name: ION Platform

Key features: New line of more than 15 intelligent optical networking devices is based on a "2U 19-inch rack mountable chassis that is designed to house up to 19 slide-in conversion modules along with two power supply modules, with all slots being hot-swappable," the vendor says. Products feature secure access control and a management tool that allows remote monitoring of each slide-in module. More info.

McAfee's Firewall Enterprise version 8

Product name: Firewall Enterprise version 8

Key features: The latest version of McAfee's firewall gives security administrators new policy enforcement and visibility into "thousands of applications that are invisible to conventional firewall technology," McAfee says. "By integrating with McAfee's real-time, cloud-based global threat intelligence, McAfee Firewall Enterprise and McAfee Firewall Enterprise Profiler provide increased visibility into external and internal threats and vulnerabilities, protecting customers more efficiently and reducing both compliance and operational costs." More info.

Extrahop's Network Timeout

Product name: Network Timeout

Key features: Free Web service provides "sophisticated analysis of network packet captures" and gives network and application experts a place to collaborate and troubleshoot problems. ExtraHop says the community-based Web site will "improve access to network- and application-analysis solutions and build a broad technical knowledge base among IT professionals." More info.

Gale Technologies

Product name: GaleForce

Key features: This network orchestration software optimizes physical and virtual resources both in the data center and the cloud. "Using a secure Web portal, staff across multiple departments can request and access physical and virtual resources 24x7 from anywhere in the world," the vendor says. This lets organizations "locate, schedule, connect, provision, and access servers, virtual machines, networking, storage, and software repositories in a comprehensive and vendor-neutral way." More info.

Disk Performance Analyze for Networks 3.0

Product name: Disk Performance Analyze for Networks 3.0

Key features: Free utility detects performance loss across networked systems and gives system administrators real-time insight into performance-crippling fragmentation. Version 3.0 includes custom groups and automatically scheduled reports, and new reporting options including details on free space fragmentation. More info.

EMC's Ionix for IT Operations Intelligence

Product name: Ionix for IT Operations Intelligence

Key features: Enhancements to EMC's IT infrastructure monitoring and analysis software include expanded support for virtualization and integration with Ionix network configuration management software. Virtualization support targets VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V, mapping relationships between the virtualization layer and the rest of the IT infrastructure and automating root-cause analysis. More info.

Allied Telesis' AT-8100 Series

Product name: AT-8100 Series

Key features: New series of stackable access edge switches offer dual-fixed redundant power supplies and are designed to reduce power consumption in the data center. AT-8100 switches support industry-standard security technologies such as Microsoft's Network Access Protection. More info.

Extreme's VIM440

Product name: VIM440

Key features: New four-port module designed for the Summit X650 top-of-rack switch lets the switch scale up to 40 Gigabit Ethernet, allowing "10 Gigabit Ethernet data servers to be attached to the network at a low cost and with minimal oversubscription," according to Extreme. More info.

Netoptics' Indigo PRO Management Platform

Product name: Indigo PRO Management Platform

Key features: New management appliance gives customers a unified view of hundreds of Net Optics network devices across multiple locations. "Indigo PRO provides a network dashboard and compiled statistics focused on collected traffic that is emitted from Net Optics devices," the vendor says. "Network managers will be able to identify, locate, and manage all network devices from a single console." More info.

Lancope's StealthWatch FlowSensor AE 3000

Product name: StealthWatch FlowSensor AE 3000

Key features: " Lancope's StealthWatch FlowSensor AE 3000 provides flow-based 10G monitoring for cost-effective network visibility," the vendor says. "With this new appliance, organizations gain a unified platform for network performance and security monitoring." More info.

Enterasys' AP3605, AP3630 and AP3640

Product name: AP3605, AP3630 and AP3640

Key features: New 802.11n access points include automated policy management and provides wireless capabilities for distributed and standalone network deployments. If combined with other Enterasys products, the technology lets administrators manage their wireless and wired networks as a single entity. More info.

A10's Soft AX

Product name: Soft AX

Key features: This is a software version of A10's AX Series application delivery controller appliances designed for deployment on virtual machines. The software includes the same functionality as the appliances – Layer 4-7 load balancing and application acceleration. When the software ships it will support VMware ESXi, and the company plans to develop versions for Microsoft Hyper-V, Linux KVM and Citrix XenServer.

Morphlabs mcloud

Product name: mCloud

Key features: Cloud delivery platform for managed service providers and enterprise data centers includes virtualization and automated configuration of virtual machines; monitoring and self-healing; automatically configured backups; billing and reporting; a self-service interface for application developers; and various system administration tools. More info.

Crescendo's HyperScale

Product: HyperScale

Key features: HyperScale will be available as an option with all Crescendo AppBeat DC CN-7000 series application delivery controllers. The new technology lets customers treat multiple Crescendo appliances as one logical ADC with one set of configurations and management capabilities. The goal is to provide a pay-as-you-grow option so IT managers can add more AppBeat DC units as Web traffic increases instead of replacing outgrown hardware.

Egenera's Dell PAN System 3.0

Product name: Dell PAN System 3.0

Key features: This converged infrastructure platform takes standard Dell blade servers and Ethernet components, along with Egenera's PAN Manager software, to provide "flexible server, virtualized I/O, and converged network resources that can be dynamically and automatically allocated," Egenera says. A single system can scale up to 384 processing cores. More info.

Joulex Energy Manager

Product name: Joulex Energy Manager

Key features: New energy management software monitors and analyzes power use of all network connected devices and systems, without need for agents. JEM integrates with existing systems, supporting thousands of devices. "Upon installation, the product automatically works to discover any type of IP-connected devices, including PCs, servers, VoIP phones and devices, printers, network switches, IP power switches, HVAC systems and more," Joulex says. More info.

Lifesize's Video Center

Product: Video Center

Key features: LifeSize Video Center is an appliance that enables HD video streaming from the company's high-definition videoconferencing and telepresence gear. The idea is to broadcast live and recorded presentations to groups of end users with HD laptops and desktops, such as employees receiving executive messages or students tapping in to class lectures. The appliance supports all LifeSize 220 series videoconferencing equipment.

Verizon's Managed WAN Optimization Service with Riverbed gear

Service: Managed WAN Optimization Service with Riverbed gear

Key features: Verizon has added Riverbed Steelhead, Interceptor and Central Management Console gear to the group of WAN optimization products it will manage on customer sites with the idea that customers can make WAN optimization an operating expense rather than a capital expense. Verizon is also adding four new consulting services: assessment, evaluation of WAN optimization gear in customer networks, implementation and periodic tuning of the gear. If customers already own WAN gear and have it installed, Verizon can take over management of it as well.