Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Cisco, Enterasys, Microsoft among others.

Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Enterasys, Cisco, Microsoft among others.

Raytheon's High-Speed Guard 3.0

Key features: Raytheon's High-Speed Guard firewall appliance provides a controlled network interface that reviews and releases sensitive data, while still maintaining transfer rates above other options. Unlike other solutions, High-Speed Guard supports large computer systems with comparatively lower administrative costs, making it the best choice for large-scale deployments.

Elastra's Cloud Server

Key features: Elastra's Cloud Server lets developers create application designs and immediately deploy them to the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. "Users can compose systems that use Apache, JBoss, Tomcat and MySQL components in a variety of user-controlled clustered and load-balanced configurations and deploy multiple instances of these designs onto AWS," according to Elastra. More info.

CA Access Control 12.5

Key features: Helps manage regulatory compliance by enforcing policy-based control of privileged users and controlling what system resources they can access and what they can do under specific circumstances. More info.

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CA's Data Leak Prevention 12.0

Key features: Addresses the insider threat by helping prevent data loss or misuse across the enterprise and with federated partners. For instance, the CA DLP Endpoint module intervenes in real time when an end-user attempts to upload sensitive content to a Web site in the form of free text such as a Blog post or a Tweet, or in the form of a complete file to a Web-based e-mail or to a Microsoft SharePoint page. More info.

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Nimsoft Monitoring Solution

Key features: Includes cloud and SaaS probes that enable users to gain visibility over availability and performance of Google Apps for Business, Rackspace Cloud, Amazon Web Services and EC2, and other services. More info.

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Fortisphere Virtual Service Manager

Key features: Proactively manages workloads and allocates virtual resources according to business priorities and enforces service tiers based on the correlation of uptime, performance, utilization and granular guest-level configuration data. More info.

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Key features: A security gateway for complete protection of Web and e-mail traffic for up to 600 users. Patent-pending Stream Scanning Technology mitigates Web/e-mail threats while maintaining high performance on the network. More info.


Key features: A security gateway for complete protection of Web and e-mail traffic for up to 300 users. Patent-pending Stream Scanning Technology mitigates Web/e-mail threats while maintaining high performance on the network. More info.


Key features: An all-in-one security gateway for small businesses of up to 30 users, ProSecure UTM25 combines application proxy firewall, VPN, zero day protection, antivirus, antispyware, antispam, IPS and URL filtering. More info.

New Relic RPM 2

Key features: Designed for application development teams and IT operations groups to monitor, troubleshoot and manage applications, added capabilities include Java application support as well as support for applications developed on WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss, Tomcat, Jetty and Glassfish. More info.

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Key features: Now available as both hardware and a new virtual appliance download, automation features enable the product to trigger jobs that must be implemented, collect diagnostic information and manage job using status notifications. Further pricing info: 30-day free trial offer for the download; promotional pricing for new customers is $2,495 for 25 devices; list pricing starts at $8,750; and a new subscription pricing option starts at under $500 per month. More info.

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CA Spectrum Service Assurance

Key features: Offers a single pane of glass to display the impact of physical and virtual IT infrastructure on the services it supports. More info.

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IBM's VMControl Enterprise Edition

Key features: The enterprise edition of VMControl lets IT create large pools of virtual machines that can be managed as one. Initially, the enterprise version supports only IBM Power servers but will eventually be expanded to other platforms. An "express" version of VMControl offers fewer capabilities but is compatible with mainframes, Power servers and x86 servers. More info.

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Net Optics Director Xstream

Key features: Enables the deployment of an intelligent, flexible and efficient monitoring access platform for 10G networks, and facilitates a pool of 10G and 1G tools to be deployed across a large number of 10G network links, with remote, centralized control of exactly which traffic streams are directed to each tool. More info.

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Cisco ISR G2

Key features: Next generation Cisco branch router optimized for distributed, collaborative applications, such as video and virtualized services. More info.

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Enterasys S-Series

Key features: Next generation high end enterprise switches that feature convergence and virtualization enhancements, a fourfold increase in switching capacity and a 10x increase in throughput over the predecessor N-Series. Also, greater 10G port density and improved policy-based security features. More info.

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PacketTrap's Network Traffic Analyzer

Key features: Provides probe-like visibility for every router and switch, even devices that are not flow-enabled; offers a network-wide view of usage and active routers; collects, stores and analyzes traffic data; and monitors thousands of interfaces from a single location. More info.

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ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer Enterprise Edition Version 7

Key features: Offers native support for Cisco NetFlow, NBAR and CBQoS; and collects and aggregates sFlow and jFlow data, as well as any data formatted in compliance with the IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) protocol, providing administrators with insight into the performance of their network elements and applications. More info.

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Trend Security Deep Security

Key featuers: Trend's firewall/IPS for VMware's ESX server is a virtual appliance platform operating at the hypervisor level utilizing the VMware VMSafe APIs to protect multiple virtual machines, and can co-exist with Trend's firewall/IPS used within the guest operating system under management by the Deep Security console or VMware's VCenter. More info.

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Windows 7

Key features: From a corporate perspective, Windows 7 Enterprise includes features such as Direct Access (an IPSec-based VPN-less VPN), Branch Cache (single instance file stubbing to unclog WAN traffic), BitLocker (including encryption of removable devices), and BitLocker To Go. Other SKUs: Home, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate. More info: Windows 7 roundup

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Symantec DLP

Key features: This updated version of the Symantec DLP adds a "flex response" capability for fast or even automated protection of data determined upon scanning to not comply with policy, through remediation that includes applying encryption, digital rights management or moving data to another location. Remediation, through the DLP Protect feature, is based on plug-ins for products from PGP, Oracle, GigaTrust, Microsoft and Liquid Machines. More info.

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Norton 360 version 3.0

Key features: Norton 360 Version 4.0 provides comprehensive, automated protection for your PC, files, and online identity. More info.