Forget the Emmys, take our TV technology quiz

From "The Six Million Dollar Man" to "Gilligan's Island" to "iCarly," computers and other technology have played a starring role in popular TV shows.

High-tech gear has long been an important element in television plots, from the Jetsons' robotic maid Rosie to the computer arsenals in the current battery of CSI shows. With the 61st Emmy Awards ceremony taking place Sept. 20, we figured it would be a good time to dish out some questions and answers about how computers and other technology have been portrayed on T.V. Keep track of your answers and score yourself at the end.

Battlestar Galactica

The ship Battlestar Galactica lacks a computer network. Why?

In the original Mission Impossible TV series, how does the Impossible Mission Force smuggle a 90-pound portable computer into a casino to determine in real-time on which number the roulette ball will land?

In Gilligan's Island, how does Gilligan become a radio receiver that is able to pick up warnings of an impending typhoon?

What brand laptop do the kids on iCarly use?

In Lost in Space, Dr. Smith uses what computer science skill to get the Robinson family lost?

Opening credits of The Six Million Dollar Man showed the crash of what real experimental vehicle that, for the purposes of the show, injured the title character, resulting in his being repaired with a slew of electronics?

In the Batman TV series, what real computer played the role of the various Bat computers?

In Quantum Leap, what was the form factor of the computer used by the hologram adviser Al Calavicci.

TV's early touch-screen tablet known as Pee-Wee's Magic Screen was related to what former NBA star?

Magic Johnson claimed to be its cousin.

In The Avengers, what weapon does Emma Peel find inside a Ford GT40 Mk2?

In Get Smart, on which foot did Max Smart wear his shoe phone?

How did you do?
1-3 right: You put the boob in boob tube
4-6 right: Not ready for Jeopardy
7-9 right: You’re renewed for another season
10-12 right: Take home the golden statuette