Web sites for the apocalypse

If the Internet died, which Web sites would you want to save?
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So, here's the idea: We're living in some future, post-apocalyptic world where the Internet and all computer technology is gone. No Web, no digital storage, nada. Wandering through a desolate wasteland with nothing but a supply of Twinkies and some improvised weapons for warding off marauding gangs, you see a plant and wonder if it's edible. That World Wide Web probably could have given me the answer, you think, and start wondering what other Web sites you would have saved if you'd seen the end of the world coming. Let's assume you had the forethought to print out all of these Web sites in advance and save the content in a bomb shelter. Which ones would you have saved? Here is one list, by no means complete. Read on and then tell us which sites you'd scrap, and which you'd add.

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