Science fiction's goofiest gadgets and technology

A preview of what gizmos won't be appearing in future editions of Network World's Cool Tools columns.
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Every week, my colleague Keith Shaw writes his Cool Tools column that rounds up all the hottest gadgets and gizmos in both the consumer and enterprise market. If Keith were beamed far into the future, he would surely see even more incredible and wondrous gadgets than those he tests and reviews today.

Unfortunately, this slideshow isn't about those futuristic cool tools. Rather, it's about tools that science fiction prop designers created years ago that nowadays look about as awe-inspiring as a Betamax player . From screen-house tanks to Super Soaker-style phaser rifles to mysteriously menacing bubble machines, science fiction movies and television shows have given us a wide assortment of silly technology that even the swarthiest Jawa would be embarrassed to use.

Now, let's take a look at the gadgets!

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