Power to the People

New cloud-based offering strips complexity out of UC, without hampering productivity.

I’ve heard a lot of talk in recent years about how unified communication (UC) deployments are going to make the mantra of working from anywhere, at any time, using any device a widespread reality. But as far as I’m concerned, most solutions on the market today instead present users with quite a few hoops, making for a frustrating experience that often becomes heavily reliant on IT intervention.

Broadview Networks is on to something, though, with its new MyOfficeSuite offering. Without losing any desired functionality, MyOfficeSuite eliminates the complexity commonly associated with UC deployments. This fully cloud-based solution actually empowers users and provides them much improved access to more UC capabilities. Served up and consumed centrally in a way that is as intuitive as an iPhone app, while at the same time catering to the needs of app administrators.

MyOfficeSuite looks like a noticeable departure from traditional SIP-based UC offerings in provides a powerful online portal that centralizes all communications and hosted services into a single user-focused responsive website. The fully customizable dashboard allows users and administrators alike to view applications and services on a single widget-based page from any PC or mobile device with internet access.

As the traditional communication systems have converged with today’s mobile demands, UC has become an albatross around IT’s neck with difficulties meeting security and scalability demands. However, according to today’s announcement, MyOfficeSuite enables SMBs to improve communications channels by enhancing security, mobilizing the workforce, ensuring business continuity and giving employers the ability to scale on demand. Through the new portal, employers can maintain complete control of cloud services from the web, including managing employee permissions, settings and storage with complete confidence in Broadview’s service and 24/7 technical support.

And here’s something that’s really different: Rather than being device centric, MyOfficeSuite focuses on features and applications, as well as how the end users will leverage the tools. The result is the seamless ability to work from numerous locations -- main office, branch location, home or using a cell phone on the road. This is possible because settings and preferences are tied to the individual’s login credentials, rather than a device. After signing in, users can view new emails and voicemails, initiate video or voice calls, establish routing preferences, view the availability of co-workers and instantly click-to-call employees and personal contacts from Google.

This could be game changing for admins, too. For example, changing hold music or adding new features or services is just a few clicks away. And, establishing an extension for a new employee only requires entering the user’s name and email address. Access to widgets, like faxing or HD meeting rooms, is determined by user profile status.

To me, the ability to fully customize the experience seems limitless, including drag and drop widget placement as well as the ability to set-up speed dials, change home buttons or determine where calls forward—in just a few clicks. Each widget also has streaming video tutorials as well as access to 24/7 chat should questions arise.

Putting this power into the people’s hands should prove significant in stripping out the complexity that has all too often hampered the move to a truly mobile workforce – making the millennial mantra a reality.

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