When Phil Schiller dissed Google Glass as something no 'normal' person would wear

Apple executive Phil Schiller once had some strong words for Google Glass.

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Credit: Image: Melissa Riofrio

I've never been a big believer in Google Glass. While you have to give Google credit for dreaming big and pushing the technological envelope, the notion that glasses with a mounted display would ever gain even a crumb of traction in the marketplace always struck me as utterly naive. Indeed, Google seemed to get more credit for dreaming big than for actually delivering a compelling product, a point I emphasized nearly two years ago in a satirical post titled, "If Apple had unveiled Google Glass."

Now, in 2015, it looks like Google Glass is in flux. Earlier this month, Google announced that it was shutting down its explorer program and that the project will now be under the control of Tony Fadell, formerly of Nest and Apple.

That said, Apple has always been quite dismissive of Google Glass, albeit subtly. For instance, Tim Cook previously noted that the wrist is a much more intriguing proposition for wearable technology than the face.

But the kicker is a 2012 email from Apple executive Phil Schiller, which recently surfaced over at The TechBlock.

Abdel Ibahim not too long ago shared a funny email exchange he had with Phil Schiller back in 2012.

After emailing Schiller a photo of Steve Martin from the movie The Jerk -- the joke being that Google Glass wearers look as silly as Martin did -- Schiller responded with a not too subtle jab.

That is very funny!

I can't believe they think anyone (normal) will ever wear these things. It reminds of the push to market video goggles a few years back.

schiller email glass

 And right he was. If anything, Google Glass was often in the news as the recipient of negative press more than anything else. Further, it even ushered in the term "glasshole," which came to mean anyone who is always wearing Google Glass.

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