How much money does Amazon make in the cloud? We’ll find out soon

Company will break out financial results for AWS starting next quarter

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While reporting its year-end financial results, CFO Tom Szkutak also announced something that will make cloud-watchers giddy: The company plans to officially break out the financial results for its Amazon Web Services cloud computing division beginning next quarter.

AWS has been anointed the leader of the IaaS cloud market for its breadth and depth of products and services, plus its massive scale - Gartner estimated last year that its cloud was five times larger than all of its competitors at the time, combined! Given that lead, AWS is also thought to be the leading revenue generator in the IaaS market. But no one knows for sure.

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Thusfar has reported revenues for its AWS cloud division in a category named “North American Other,” which it admits includes AWS, but also has other revenues, for example credit card revenue that the company does not associate with its main ecommerce business. In the fourth quarter last year that line -item racked in $1.67 billion, up from $1.17 billion a year earlier, Bloomberg reports.

aws cloud growth Jack Clark - Bloomberg

Revenue in's North American "Other" category - represented by the blue line -  has skyrocketed. 

Beginning next quarter though, Amazon will break out the AWS revenues individually. “We just think it’s an appropriate way to look at our business in 2015,” Szkutak reportedly said on the conference call.

Cloud watchers will eagerly await the official financials of AWS. Now all we need is for Microsoft, Google and all of AWS’s competitors to specifically break out their revenues too for an apples-to-apples comparison.

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