Watch Arthur C. Clarke predict smart watches, the Internet and cell phones in 1976

Famed sci-fi author chats about data transmission, computers and wristwatch communicators

Arthur C. Clarke 1976 footage wristwatch
Credit: AT&T Archives

The folks at the AT&T Archives have posted some new raw video footage of a 1976 interview done with science fiction author and futurist Arthur C. Clarke.

In the interview, Clarke discusses the evolution of communications systems, and mentions what people will be using in the future, which sounds a lot like the devices we use today - cell phones, the Internet, computers, etc. In fact, he even mentions the “Dick Tracy wrist-radio” as a type of future communicator that would be developed, which we may eventually get via our spanking-new smart watches.

The interview was recorded for an episode of a Bell System newsmagazine, AT&T says. Clarke was attending an AT&T and MIT conference on futurism and technology, which was “attended by scientists, theorists, academics and futurists,” the company says.

Pretty cool stuff, whether you’re into technology, science fiction or just fun 1970s fashion and hair styles.

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