ICYMI Cloud news: IBM inks Marriott; Mongo’s new DB, and PaaS consolidation

In Case You Missed It: Recapping a busy week in the cloud

It’s been a busy week in the fast-moving cloud computing industry with major news announcements from Dell, EMC and VMware dominating many of the headlines, but some other interesting tidbits in the cloud market came out this week that are worth noting.

To review what's already been covered: This week we wrote about how vendors like Dell and EMC got giddy over converged infrastructure and VMware announcing a grand new hybrid cloud computing strategy that CEO Pat Gelsinger has dubbed “one cloud, any app, any device.” VMware announced new releases of vSphere and vSAN - it’s compute and storage virtualization software packages - integrations of NSX networking software with its vCloudAir public cloud platform, an OpenStack add-on for vSphere and a partnership with Google’s Cloud Platform. Read our analysis of what this all means here.

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There were some other noteworthy items this week though too. Including:

-MongoDB’s beefed up new database

MongoDB is one of the darlings of the budding NoSQL database market (read about the growth of NoSQL DBs here), and it has a brand new major 3.0 release out that includes a variety of advancements such as a new storage engine named WiredTiger that the company says will be the basis for its storage for the next two decades. Along with WiredTiger come a catalog of compression algorithims that allow users to reduce their storage footprint for the DB by up to 80%. New performance inreases allow write-intensive applications to hum along with the DB not skipping a beat. And for enterprise specifically, there is a new OpsManager portal.

mongodb 3.0launch MongoDB

Some of the new features in MongoDB 3.0

“MongoDB 3.0 is a landmark release,” CTO and co-founder of MongoDB Eliot Horowitz wrote (read the full release notes here). “It brings comprehensive improvements in performance, flexibility, ease of management, and cost to operate. MongoDB has always made it fast and easy to iterate -- from prototype to production to maturity, keeping pace in the most agile environments.”

 -Get a room: Marriott signs IBM cloud deal

IBM has been on a roll recently with its cloud, inking deals with major enterprise clients such as eBay Enterprise. This week it announced another win, this time with the Marriott hotel brand. Marriott is expected to migrate a “significant portion” of its core IT systems and applications to IBM’s cloud over the next few years, plus IBM will provide a “managed devops service” and Marriott will use IBM analytics software named Big Insights. There are rumors of another major retailer that IBM will announce as a customer win next week too.

 -PaaS/IaaS convergence: Piston and ActiveState partner

Both of these cloud companies are relatively small, but they play in important industries. Piston built a private IaaS cloud platform from OpenStack named CloudOS , while ActiveState has a PaaS offering named Stackato based on the Cloud Foundry and Docker open source projects. The two are teaming up to provide customers a IaaS/PaaS offering that will stand up an OpenStack cloud for scale-out virtual machines and storage, combined with a run-time environment for developing and hosting applications. The move reflects two companies joining forces to take on a fast-moving market dominated by larger vendors, while continuing the trend of the IaaS and PaaS functionality blending together.

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