How to Streamline Communication in Multi-Site Businesses

Centralizing communications gives businesses the ability to operate as one, no matter how many locations you have. You just need the right tools.

When your company opens more offices, seeing the growth is really exciting. But that excitement brings a whole subset of new challenges that your business will face. One of the biggest challenges is uniform communication. When people are spread out across different locations and possibly time zones, working on different schedules, and attending different meetings, collaboration can be difficult . . . unless your communication platform lives in the cloud.

Centralizing communication vehicles—namely phone, email, fax, web and video conference services—gives multi-site business the ability to operate as one coherent unit instead of separate entities. This streamlines not only internal communications between employees and departments, but also makes it easier for clients and prospects to connect with the right person within a company. Here are some of the benefits businesses can expect to enjoy by moving communications to a unified, cloud-based system, like Broadview’s OfficeSuite® Phone.  

No matter how many offices you have, you only need one phone system. When you’re at your desk and you want to call a colleague at another location, it’s ideal if you can just dial their extension. This way, you can pass around a list of all employees’ extensions and create speed dial buttons for the people and offices you call most often. Just because someone is in a different office doesn’t mean you need to look up their full phone number, and you most certainly don’t need to manage multiple phone contracts. The cloud makes multi-location communication just as easy as if everyone were in the same office.

Enjoy dependability on a budget. Not only can multiple phone systems become confusing to manage, they can also be expensive to maintain. Since many unified cloud systems give you just one bill for all your services, you’re no longer susceptible to hidden fees, no longer need to invest in new equipment, and no longer have the headache of remembering which company to contact for questions or service requests.

Open many lines of communication. Sometimes, a phone call just won’t do. You might need to hold a meeting or send a fax, but video conferencing and fax lines just add more hassle and more expenses, right? Not with a unified communication system. You can communicate however you want, whether it’s via international calls, online faxing and video conferencing such as OfficeSuite® HD Meeting, which unifies HD video and audio conferencing with online meeting and collaboration into one platform. The best cloud systems providers will also include unlimited long distance calling. No matter where in the world your employees, partners or clients may be, you can always reach them in the most convenient and cost-effective way.

All features work across all sites.

With the right cloud-based communication system, you can have features that work within and across locations, including intercom and call center services. You can set up incoming calls to ring certain locations or all locations depending on our company’s needs. With a cost-model like the one from Broadview, it’s budget-friendly—there are no extra setup, linkages or services required to have features work across multiple offices when you move to the cloud.

Support a mobile workforce.

If you have employees who work from different locations, you should select a provider that has features like hot desking, which allow employees to login to any phone and use it as their own, with all of their preferences and setting stored in the cloud – rather than tied to the phone itself. Even if you work out of the same building every day, having the ability to go into a conference room or another office and log into that phone and in seconds is incredibly convenient. By typing in your extension and password, the phone instantly shows all your speed dial buttons and settings, and even gives you access to your voicemail. When you leave, simply log back in at your regular phone. No more having to move phones around when employees switch offices, either temporarily or permanently.

Manage all services, for all your sites, on one website.

Keeping track of multiple services for multiple offices can be overwhelming, but not with today’s advanced cloud systems. Broadview’s MyOfficeSuite portal offers clients a website where both administrators and users can make changes and customize all their applications (phone, email, fax, video conference) to best support their style of working. Employees can quickly and easily forward calls to other phones, change voicemail settings, check emails and voicemails, and even call people back by clicking on their phone number. With a user-friendly cloud system, any changes made from within the portal are instantaneous and there is no need to re-boot the phone or make any hardware configurations. Administrators can easily manage the system – add and remove users, add phone lines, modify call routing and greetings, block numbers, and more, all from one website. Gone are the days of waiting on hold with the phone company or paying fees to make simple changes.

Don’t be afraid of growth. With the click of a mouse, you can add new offices and employees, create phone lines, and order new phones. Now, when your company expands or brings on contract workers temporarily, you can focus on being excited rather than afraid of the change. The same is true if you want to shrink down to just one office or allow employees to work remotely. The cloud gives you unrivaled mobility and flexibility and if you choose the right provider all of the features and functionality are intuitive and can be easily managed by everyone in the company.

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