Apple Watch may be more water resistant than previously thought

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One of the longstanding questions surrounding the Apple Watch is how water resistant the device is going to be.

As a quick aside, "waterproof" denotes a product that can be completely submerged under water for extended periods of time and still function as intended. So while a device filled to the brim with complex electronics, like the Apple Watch, isn't likely to be waterproof, having a degree of water resistance is extremely important.

To that end, Apple CEO Tim Cook was recently in Germany, where he reportedly spoke to some Apple employees and remarked that he wears his Apple Watch all the time, "even in the shower." The report comes courtesy of iGen.Fr which relayed the news earlier this week.

If Cook's remarks about wearing his Apple Watch in the shower is in fact true, it would represent a slight yet important improvement in the device's water resistance level. Recall that earlier reports only had the Apple Watch being able to survive casual water exposure, such as light rain or hand washing. 

David Pogue wrote the following this past September:

Apple reps offered individual briefings to some tech writers; there I learned a bunch of stuff that Apple didn't say in its keynote.

For example, the Apple Watch is water resistant. Sweating, wearing it in the rain, washing your hands, or cooking with it are fine. Take it off before you swim or get in the shower, though.

With Apple's watch event just about two weeks away, we'll have to wait and see if water resistance is a topic Tim Cook and co. officially address.

As for other details, the iGen report further adds that Cook charges his Apple Watch every night, a tidbit that aligns with the general consensus that the device will require a daily charge. Recall that initial Apple Watch rumors indicated that Apple engineers were hoping to achieve 2-3 days worth of battery life. Clearly, that won't be a yardstick Apple reaches, at least not for the first-gen model.

Again, Apple's special event is scheduled to take place on March 9 at 10 AM Pacific Time. Apple will thankfully be live streaming the event over here.

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