How enterprises can use artificial intelligence

Not just for sci-fi and robotics anymore, A.I. is used for fraud detection, scheduling and search

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Enterprise IT shops are finding that artificial intelligence isn't just for robotics anymore.

Science fiction and blockbuster movies may portray artificial intelligence, or A.I., technologies as the brains running robots trying to take over the human race, but the technology today is being used for far more benign purposes.

While A.I. is being used in smartphones and self-driving cars, it's also working its way into the enterprise to filter spam out of email, handle complicated scheduling or detecting fraud in big data deployments.

"I think IT probably needs artificial intelligence," said Stephen Smith, a professor who specializes in robotics and A.I. at Carnegie Mellon University. "There are increasing cyberattacks we're dealing with. We have bigger, more complex problems with all the issues arising out of the explosion of the Web and all of our big data. We're already using A.I. It's already there. I think A.I. in the enterprise is going to start to cascade."

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