8 great ways to celebrate Raspberry Pi’s 3rd birthday

Launched in February 2012 Raspberry Pi has sold more than 5 million units

Credit: Shutterstock/Stephen Sauer
Happy Pi Day!

Has it really been three years? The Raspberry Pi has been through several updates, new models and sold more than 5 million units since its launch in February 2012 – sounds like a good excuse for a party to us! Here are some suggestions for a fun Pi Day.

Play Elite

One of the major early backers of the Raspberry Pi project was David Braben, PC gaming pioneer and creator of the classic spaceship title Elite. An open-source version, Oolite, is still available to play for free, but if you’ve got money and a modern computer, you might try the swanky, impressive new reboot, Elite: Dangerous.

Make an actual raspberry pie

little on the nose, sure, but hey, it’s a party, right? And who doesn’t like pie? (Me, actually. I don’t like pie. But everybody else seems to, so rock on! Make mine a chicken pot pie and we’ll talk.)

Build a home theater PC

Or anything at all, really – the Pi can be used in a vast number of different ways. Here are a few we looked at a while ago. The important thing is, build something!

Get hitched!

And coincidentally make every other geeky dude’s proposal look AWFUL by comparison. Seriously. Wow. This guy’s got the ring in there, retrievable via a little magnetic handle to not give the game away, and this adorable presentation for the proposal itself.

Teach the joys of computers

The whole idea of the Raspberry Pi is to be an educational tool! The Raspberry Pi Foundation offers some lesson plans and other teaching ideas.

Credit: BrewPi.com
Brew some beer

Or if you’d rather kill some brain cells instead, there’s always beer – use the BrewPi as a handy aid for your first, stumbling attempts to brew your own ales and lagers. Suggested beer names: Pi Pilsner, Raspberry Pi-PA, etc.

Credit: YouTube.com
Put on a light show

OK, this is for Christmas, but Happy Birthday is simpler and shorter, if you don’t have any experience programming your own light shows. (And, really, who does?)

Credit: YouTube.com
Play a game

Or maybe you just want some kicking-back entertainment, in which case, the Pi’s still got you covered – you’ve got lots of options for light and retro fare, but perhaps none better than RetroPie, which aims to be a one-stop shop for emulation on the Raspberry Pi.