Sonus Embeds Diameter into SBC Portfolio

Diameter critical to VoLTE network session control

Sonus announced that they have integrated Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) features into the Sonus portfolio of Session Border Controllers (SBCs). SBCs have long been a critical element to deploy VoIP, and DSCs are becoming equally important to provide session control in mobile broadband networks using LTE (Long Term Evolution). Diameter and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) work together to enable VoLTE (Voice over LTE.)

In LTE networks, SIP provides VoIP / VoLTE session control, the Diameter protocol maintains data sessions, and SBCs further enable quality and security for both voice and data. An integrated SBC/ Diameter solution helps mobile network operators increase network operational efficiency and performance by integrating common security, interworking, interconnect and network management functions. The Sonus embedded Diameter Signaling Controller (eDSC) also provides interworking (IWF) between Diameter and legacy SS7 systems, enabling concurrent operations for 2G, 3G and LTE/VoLTE networks.

Commenting in a statement Diane Myers, principal analyst, Infonetics Research (part of IHS Inc.) said that “The increased use of mobile broadband networks is driving the growth of Diameter signaling within and between operators. This signaling traffic, in turn, has hastened the need for centralized controllers that can help manage the traffic in a more efficient and scalable manner.”

David Tipping, VP and general manager for products at Sonus added, “Click-to-connect type applications that sit on smartphones, tablets and computers are driving significant amounts of Diameter signaling traffic across LTE networks. The increased congestion, paired with the SIP-based traffic of voice and video, has put new strains on LTE networks worldwide. The Sonus eDSC uniquely solves this challenge, by integrating the capabilities of a DSC and SBC on one common platform, allowing MNO to solve the Diameter dilemma, while also reducing the complexity of their network and saving money.”

For more on how Diameter works and why it is important, please read my latest tech note at Webtorials titled "Diameter: Solving LTE Session Control". Disclaimer: Sonus sponsored the Webtorials tech note, and Larry is Editorial Director and Senior Research Fellow at Webtorials.

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