First Look How to get the data import monkey off your back

Finding data online is one thing but extracting it and getting it into a useful format is quite another; this tool solves the problem.

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In the age of Big Data one of the things we all do over and over again is mine the Web for content we need to repurpose. While finding the stuff you want can be a big job, trying to get that same content into a usable and useful format all too often becomes a Herculean task.

If this sounds like one of the monkeys on your back there’s a solution you should check out. Called, this application is designed to analyze Web pages, discover their structure, and extract the data items you want into a tabular or other structured format. can operate in “Magic” mode where you point it at a URL and it slices and dices the content to produce a table automatically. For example, here’s a search on the Ikea website for “chair” (note that Ikea’s search engine results include things that aren’t remotely like chairs for no obvious reason):

screen shot 2015 03 21 at 3.38.43 pm

… and here are the results from

screen shot 2015 03 21 at 3.44.00 pm

That's impressive! You can download the table in CSV or convert the process into a REST API that can be called when needed, for example, to update a database. The "Magic Api" page also provides options for re-running the query and downloading the results in JSON or tab-separated variable format, running the query with a list of URLs (“Bulk Extraction”), showing how to use the API as an HTTP GET or POST request, push the results to Google Sheets, graph the data with, or provides lots of instructions on integrating with other applications and languages.

screen shot 2015 03 21 at 3.48.28 pm also provides other, more complex extraction, web crawling, and data connecting services which work great but are surprisingly tricky to figure out how they're used; the company needs to take a long, hard look at the user experience design because it is way more opaque than it should be. That said, you can do some amazing things with Web site extraction once you get to grips with the user interface.

The app, which is based on a web browser interface, is actually a mix of locally run functions along with services executed remotely on’s servers which are displayed in the app as app content. This is why when you’re running the app and, for example, in the Magic mode you click on the “thumbs down” icon to indicate that the data extracted isn’t what you want, the app displays “Looks like you’re going to need our Desktop App” which is really confusing and makes no sense (surely someone at the company must have noticed this?).

screen shot 2015 03 21 at 3.56.19 pm

Those complaints aside, this is a powerful and hugely valuable app particularly as it is, surprisingly, completely free (for enterprise scale use you should talk to the company)!

Check out the demos, they’re impressive. If the data extraction monkey is part of your corporate circus this app could save you a lot of pain and effort.

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